Wedding Invitation Envelope Choices

Putting it All Together: Envelope Choice and Embellishments

You've picked a fabulous wedding invitation template, the best color scheme and a paper size that's perfect. But have you given any thought to what type of envelope to put it in?

There are a surprising amount of elements that can be considered when choosing your envelopes. For example, did you know that an oversize envelope can cost more in postage; and that one company's "ivory" may be another's "ecru"? These thoughts and more are part of the envelope selection process.

The envelope is what your invitees will see first the day they reach into the mailbox and excitedly pull out their invitation to your special day. Make sure your first impression is the best possible with an envelope that suits the occasion.

Matching Envelopes

The most obvious choice for your envelopes is to buy them to match your wedding invitations. This is also the most traditional (though by no means only) option.

It may be easier to purchase your wedding invitation printing paper and envelopes at the same location so that you can be sure you're getting a perfect color, paper weight and paper texture match. Another way to be sure you're getting the right product is to take down the item code/number of the paper when ordering, and request the exact match for your envelopes.

If you're ordering from two separate companies, be aware that color descriptions may differ. "Ivory" to one envelope company may mean a buffed off-white, while to another company it may have distinctly yellow undertones. When in doubt, make your purchases in person at the store(s) rather than selecting your envelopes online.

Complementary Colors and Color Accents

For a very trendy and upscale look, try a dash of color on your wedding invitation envelopes. A well-placed stripe across one corner of the envelope can add that "wow" factor. So can a sumptuous inner foil lining color or a deep jewel tone along each outer edge.

You can choose to match your wedding reception colors with this method, or accent the tone of the envelope; for white, try clear, deep or pastel colors; match creamy or earth tones to ivory and try a very dark color with ivory.

The Texture of the Paper

Another way to add style to your wedding envelopes is to choose a textured paper. Nubby textures are perfect for a "green" (eco-friendly, outdoor or garden) affair. Embossed (raised) portions can add elegance.

Or ,try a raised linen feel (or actual linen, but be aware that this material will be more costly than some other options).

Easy, Gorgeous Embellishments

Your envelopes may take something of a beating during the mailing process, so glued pieces (such as bows) aren't a good idea -- leave those for the invitations that are safely tucked inside. In fact, you may find that your invitations back in your own mail box if the items on the outside of the envelope that keep the post office from processing them easily.

However, you can add small touches to make your envelopes stand out. Try a foil or traditional wax seal to close the outside of the envelope. (Note: this is for show only; be sure to also seal the envelope with moisture unless it's an automatic-stick type.) If it's an informal wedding, you can even use a thematic sticker for this purpose.

You may also order return address labels, but be sure to select clear backgrounds; colored or highly decorated return address labels could look tacky. (Of course, you also have the option of printing your return address on the envelope.) Another common element people use to dress up their envelopes is use a beautiful calligraphy style pen to hand address them. Add a "love" stamp and the envelope is as gorgeous as the invitation inside.

"Rules" for invitations and their envelopes are changing. Try something subtle but unique to give your envelopes a little spice and a look that's perfect for you

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Written by: Melanie Henson