Do it Yourself Wedding Invitations

Make a Personal Statement With Invitations You Create Yourself

There's no doubt about it: the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend is becoming more popular with brides from every walk of life. And it's not just because it's less expensive to pull together one's own invitations than ordering from a printer. Creating your own invitations affords you individuality with a wealth of options for nearly any wedding look you want. Read on to get started making beautiful, frame-worthy invitations for your big day.

Have an Idea in Mind

Of course, it all starts with a mental image of how you're envisioning your wedding. Are you thinking formal? Trendy and kitchy? Casual and fun? Do you love red, silver, black? Are you the frilly type or does a contemporary style fit your mindset and wedding style?

Look online for examples if you're not sure just how you'd like your invitation to look. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Browse here at The Printable Wedding; we have styles that suit any bride -- with new invitations added weekly. You’ll get a clearer idea of what you'll need to look for when searching a template (see below).

Use a Template

Many programs that you already have loaded onto your computer will allow you to pull together a nice invitation. Microsoft Word, for example, allows you to change text boxes, create borders and perform other creative actions. You can download the clipart and borders and assemble your own if you're clever.

However, the easiest method is to find a printable wedding invitation template, download it and change the data. There should be plenty of options, from trendy to classic, to choose from. Here are some exclusive designs to browse: The Printable Wedding Invitation Templates.

Make Sure Your Printer is Up to The Task

You'll also want to make sure that the type of printer you have -- and the ink it takes -- will give you professional-looking results, with no bleeding of the ink onto the paper or blurring of the letters. If your computer isn't up to standards, ask a friend or family member if you can use theirs.

Or, consider taking your digital file on a flash drive (or possibly e-mailing it) to your local print shop; they'll be happy to help you with the project and will have lots of paper choices for you.

Choose Your Paper

The type of paper you choose will say a lot about your personal style. Of course, the higher quality the paper, the more formal and upscale a feel your invitations will have.

Heavy card stock is the most popular paper to use for wedding invitations; it's sturdy, has a very clean looking, crisp surface and will last for years in your wedding album or scrapbook. Other options are cotton, a cotton blend, recycled or handmade paper, as well as vellum (tissue-thin paper) inserts. (Look here for more information on the types of wedding paper you can use.) ( Look here for more information on choosing your wedding stationery paper.)

What to Say; How to Say It

The wording you choose can impart more personality than even the most decorative border or fancy font. Most wedding templates come with the wording already on both the inside and outside of the invitation, but if you have something special to say, by all means, say it. Add a favorite quote , a song lyric, a special dedication or anything that you feel will give your invitations special meaning.

Don't forget to think about the typeface you're choosing; it will impart a definite feel to your invitation. Calligraphy is elegant and timeless, but maybe you're planning a Western theme wedding and need letters that look more rustic? So many choices!

If you're at a loss as to where you should begin, look here for ideas on the correct wording for any wedding situation. We can help you with etiquette, special touches and even what type of punctuation, capitalization and other grammar to use.

The perfect wedding invitation is just a mouse click and a few great ideas away. Make your invitations uniquely yours and you'll have a keepsake both you and your guests will always treasure.

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Written by: Melanie Henson