Designing Wedding Invitation Crafts

Designing your own wedding invitation is as simple as a visit to the craft store.

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There are quite a variety of ways to go about designing your own wedding invitations. The crafts involved are all extremely easy to do. All they take is a little time, and maybe someone to show you how. Once you have an idea of what kind of craft invitations you want, go to craft stores, or browse around the Internet to see what options are out there.

Some craft stores will even offer classes for specific activities. For instance, some stamp stores offer classes on how wet emboss, which utilizes a rubber stamp, ink, embossing powder and a hot-air gun. The end result is a beautiful textured design.

You don't have to have texture, however. Simple stamps look amazing, and they aren't very expensive. The important thing is to think about what you want your end result to look like, and then practice with a variety of different methods.

Stamps offer a cheap way to reproduce a design with a more hand-made look than just printing the invitations off on your computer. Coupled with the wet embossing you can quickly create something that looks like it came out of one of those big books of invitations that reside at every card shop and bridal show. It all depends on your personal style.

Another method is dry embossing, which is closer to traditional embossing, but you need a kit that costs about $25. It's not only tedious, but painful by the time you get done embossing 50, or so, invitations. The process involves pushing the paper into a die-cut pattern with a specially designed pen.

This brings up another important point. How many invitations are you making? This can limit your craft options because of time and effort involved. If you're making 160 invitations it might be hard to emboss them all. Stamps and/or wet embossing might make more sense.

Another craft supply to use is glue, or wax seals. The processes are just like their medieval counterparts, but this time they are done with a hot glue gun, and you don't even have to buy all the materials they recommend to do it.

Because rubber stamps are vulcanized, they can withstand high temperatures without melting. You can take any of the various colors of glue sticks they now offer, melt them onto your surface, and press either the metal stamps they sell, or any high-quality rubber stamp that you choose, into the glue. The end result here is a design reminiscent of the old-fashioned way to ensure that no one saw the contents of your letter.

These days, however, they are more about decoration, and can be covered with any number of different glitters, adding to the visual effects of your three dimensional design. Remember that these will take up space and may hinder mailing, and will definitely add to your mailing costs.

An added bonus of designing your own wedding invitations is that the materials can be used forever. If you're someone who does this thing all the time, you know that scrap booking techniques, and a number of different crafts, can be used to design party invites or announcements in the future.

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Written by: The Printable Wedding Team