Sit Down Wedding Reception Menu Cards

Have some fun when planning sit down wedding menu cards.

Wedding menu cards are one of the details which can be easily overlooked by hurried couples as they near the finish line for their wedding planning. But these details can be a fun and inexpensive while adding an important detail to your reception. If you have ruled out sit down wedding menu cards as too expensive, time consuming or difficult, read on for some suggestions which might have you reconsidering.

Incorporate your printed wedding menu cards into your table top decorations to give guests an idea of the menu or some time to decide between entrees. Plant a double-sided menu card among your daisy and baby's breath arrangements to add impact to your decorations for a garden wedding. Place a leaf-embellished menu on top of cornucopias filled with wedding favors for a fall wedding. Nestle your menus inside craft store bird nests with pastel painted eggs for a spring ceremony. If you are planning a high tea reception, try delicate papers in soft colors to identify different finger sandwiches for guests on silver three tiered serving pieces. Highlight the tones and flavors of different exotic teas and explain their histories.

Individual menus can add place setting detail for each guest. Folded heavy weight linen papers centered in each plate will give guests a chance to preview the menu and prepare their appetite for your formal wedding. Add wedding graphics or foil accents to reflect candlelight and add glitz. Tie up rolled menus in wedding colored raffia for a county wedding. Switch to lace ribbon and a wedding-themed charm for your Victorian wedding. Napkin holders come in all shapes and sizes and can be used as menu bands. Spray paint them with your wedding colors for a personalized look or silver and gold for a formal tone.

Sit down dinner wedding menu cards don't have to be budget breakers. Hit the craft store for inexpensive small picture frames which you can decorate with paints, embellishments or markers. Slip two menus into one frame for each table or place three in a triangle if your tables are large. A single menu board, decorated in wedding tulle and inexpensive crepe paper, can be placed at the entrance to the reception hall so guests get an overview of what to expect. Your menus can pull double duty if you combine them with your wedding favors, taking care of two jobs for the price of one. For example, paste the menu around small votive candles at each place setting as a wedding favor. Keep the glue to a few dots which guests can peel off when lighting the candle at home. Watch out for strong scents which would conflict with appetites or become overpowering when placed in large numbers. Take advantage of personalized candy bars and print the menu on the wrappers instead of the wedding information. Wrap up small coffees or teas in wedding colored netting and attach the menu card with ribbon to the little package. Use the above mentioned picture frames as wedding favors and offer each guest their own menu and favor at the same time.

When looking for printers for your wedding menus, check out do it yourself clip art sites such as The Printable Wedding. Here you will find all the graphics and detailing you will need to create personal and professional menus with only a computer and printer. Using this type of site is more than a budget rescue mission. Changes in the menu or seating arrangements can be handled with the click of a mouse. Images are available for every possible theme and additions such as borders and corner art will allow you to create professional menus which are unique and elegant.

Sit down dinner wedding menu cards are not a required part of your wedding stationery, however, they can be an easy and creative addition to the overall tone you are trying to create. This one little detail can have a big impact. Take a minute to look at your reception through the eyes of your guests and you will see all the creative possibilities.

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Written by: Caroline Retzer