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What to expect when ordering your custom wedding invitations.

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When choosing custom wedding invitations, many couples opt to go the professional route. Although there is certainly less work involved than in making them yourself, there still are quite a few decisions to make, from printing styles to paper choices to where to purchase the invitations. Let's look at some of the standard and new approaches to ordering printed wedding invitations.

If you're just thinking about custom wedding invitations for the first time, you probably don't even know what your options are. New trends evolve all the time and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different looks your invitations can take on. One way to browse options without leaving your house is to order free catalogs from invitation suppliers. There are sites dedicated solely to offering free wedding invitation catalogs. Fill out one form and soon your mailbox will be stuffed with catalogs. But in doing this, your mailbox may be stuffed with unwanted advertisements, too, so look for websites that won't share your personal information.

Once you decide on a look that you like, and that matches the colors and theme of your wedding, you'll need to decide where you'll be ordering the printed wedding invitations.

Stationery chain stores have many catalogs to browse through, and you can see exactly what the invitations look like. You usually don't have to worry about quality and shipping with large stores, as they have the system down to a science and they usually work with professional printers.

If you choose to go with a smaller, local stationery store, they may have a narrower selection to choose from, but often you'll get service that can't be matched elsewhere. These stores may also offer more printing options, such as colored ink, and they may offer to assemble the invitations for you. Keep in mind, though, that smaller shops may take longer to fill orders.

Ordering printed wedding invitations online is an option too. You can choose your design and formatting, submit your text and take care of all your invitation needs without leaving your home. If you're ordering online, you might ask to have a sample invitation sent to you before you order a large number, to ensure that the printed invitation is satisfactory.

Next you'll have to decide on a printing style. Cost is a factor here, as more elegant printing will increase expenses quite a bit.

Engraving is the most traditional, and most expensive printing process. The paper is pressed on a metal plate, resulting in the lettering being raised up off the paper.

The next in line, as far as cost goes, is thermography. This process is done with powder mixed with ink to create raised letters. It is less expensive than engraving.

Offset printing is the most affordable option for custom wedding invitations and is the way many magazines and publications are printed. The ink is printed flat on the paper. Although it's the most casual printing process, you can still create an elegant look by using a formal choice of design, font and high quality paper.

With the advances in modern home printers, even DIY couples can get professional looking invitations. Simply choose a printable wedding template, click to personalize it, save and print. This DIY approach to invitations and wedding stationery can account for sizable cost savings.

When determining how many custom wedding invitations to order, count from your guest list and then add on about 25-50 invitations to account for spelling errors, changes and last minute invites. It is more expensive to order more at a later date.

Finally, to ensure you have the printed wedding invitations in time to send them out six to eight weeks before the wedding, order them at least three months before the wedding.

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Written by: The Printable Wedding Team