How to Address Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations

Addressing your wedding invitations might seem like an overwhelming task, but the process is actually easier than you might expect. It helps to know some basic rules for the standard ways to address invitations.

Addressing an Invitation to a Married Couple

There are a few different factors to consider when addressing an invitation to a married couple.

If they both share the same last name, address the invitation by spelling out the man's full name. Including his middle name is optional.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Martin
78901 South Church Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 50693

If the wife has hyphenated her last name, the envelope would be addressed as follows.

Mr. Mark Martin and Ms. Elizabeth Smith-Martin
78901 South Church Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 50693

If the couple uses two different last names, list the person you're closest with first. If you're acquainted with both spouses, list their names in alphabetical order.

Ms. Elizabeth Smith-Martin and Mr. Mark Martin
78901 South Church Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 50693

Addressing an Invitation to a Non-Married Couple

If a couple is unmarried and living in separate homes, each person gets their own invitation. If they live together, you should list their names on separate lines. Write them alphabetically by last name.

Ms.Elizabeth Barnes
Doctor Justin Williams
123 North Maple
Baldwin, Wisconsin 86708

Addressing an Invitation to a Single Adult

A single adult should be addressed by Mr. or Ms. on a wedding invitation. Titles such as Doctor or Reverend may be used if appropriate, but do not abbreviate them. Write "and guest" on the inner envelope if they are allowed to bring a date.

Addressing an Invitation to a Family with Children

Wedding invitations should make it clear who is invited to attend the celebration. If you wish to invite a couple's children, list their names on the inner envelope from oldest to youngest. Provide a separate invitation to any child over the age of 18, regardless of whether they still live at home. Do not simply write "and family" on the outer envelope.

Using Mailing Label

Traditionally, wedding invitation addresses were handwritten to add a personal touch. Although handwritten addresses are still a great idea, growing numbers of couples are choosing to use mailing labels. Labels make the process of addressing your invitations easier, especially if you're self conscious about your handwriting or have a large number of initiations to send out.

If you decide to use mailing labels, choose a style that matches the formality of your wedding invitation for a seamless look. Clear labels give the impression that the address was printed directly on the envelope.

Including a Return Address

Remember to always include a return address with your invitations so you will be notified if an invitation was not delivered. The return address should be written on the back flap of the envelope.

One Step Closer to Your Big Day

Addressing and mailing your wedding invitations brings you one step closer to your big day. Once you've checked this task off your to-do list, take time to celebrate the fact that you'll soon be spending the rest of your life with your beloved.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team