Funny Wedding Invitation Ideas

funny wedding invitation ideas

Traditionally, weddings were specified as very formal occasions. Today, however, couples are free to plan a ceremony that is as unique as they are. If you're known for your killer sense of humor, why not incorporate funny wedding invitations into your special day?

Creating Funny DIY Wedding Invitations

With The Printable Wedding’s professionally designed templates, you're free to tweak the wording to your own personal preferences. Invitations can then be printed at home on the paper of your choice, resulting in memorable yet affordable wedding stationery.

For a simple yet humorous wedding invitation, consider this casual take on the basic wording:

Boy meets girl
For the rest of the story
join Aimee Wiseman and James DeVries
on June 15
at 2:30 pm
316 Elm Street
Branson, Missouri

Here's another cute yet humorous wedding invitation:

Music starts
Jake Miller and Sarah Hansen get married
Everyone parties
Come help us celebrate on April 12 at 3:00 pm
Willow Run Country Club
7395 West Mason Street
Jacksonville, Mississippi

If your wedding is strictly a secular affair, consider this invitation idea:

There's no church, no aisle, and no chairs
just two crazy people madly in love
Come help us celebrate as we vow to bring each other
a lifetime of silly jokes and random misadventures
9432 Maple Drive
Iowa City, Iowa
September 26
6:00 pm
We can't wait to see you there

If you and your fiancé have been taking it slow, how about an invitation that makes light of the time it took you to take the next step in your relationship?

It's about bloody time!
Christopher Jacobsen and Emily Dawson are getting married
May 10, 2016
Crescent Hills Ranch
8743 Prescott Lane
Portland, Oregon
4:00 pm
Dinner, drinks, and dancing to follow

If your guests consider the open bar to be the best part of any wedding, this invitation is sure to get noticed:

Free booze!
April Hall and Michael Murphy are getting hitched!
Come help them celebrate at
The Wycherley Beach Club
82632 Rose Circle Drive
Saturday, December 17
5:00 pm

If you've both been married before, how about an invitation that promises this time is forever?

This time we're getting it right!
It's not our first trip down the aisle,
but it's certainly going to be our last
Come join us on October 18 at 4:00 pm
for dinner, drinks, and dancing
657 Maple Court
Custer, South Dakota

Funny Photo Invitations

Including a photo of you and your future spouse together can be an excellent way to add a touch of personality your wedding invitations. Try putting a twist on the standard engagement photo with one of the following ideas:

  • The couple wearing coordinating costumes, such as Superman and Lois Lane.
  • The couple dressed like bank robbers with a "Partners in Crime" caption.
  • A photo strip or collage style print featuring the couple making various funny faces.
  • The couple posing next to a street sign that says, "No Dumping Allowed.”
  • The bride-to-be showing off her engagement ring with a sign that says, "Finally, he put a ring on it!"
  • The bride-to-be with a sign that says, "He took my heart" and the groom-to-be with a sign that says, "She's taking my last name."
  • The bride-to-be giving the groom-to-be a kiss on the cheek while he holds two small paper hearts over his eyes.

RSVP Cards

RSVP cards are another place to inject a bit of humor into your celebration.

Instead of simply asking guests whether they plan to accept or decline your invitation, why not offer a few extra options: enthusiastically attend, regretfully decline, regretfully attend, and enthusiastically decline?

Another idea would be to have options that elaborate on the basic yes and no: "Yes, I 'm ready to show off my moves on the dance floor." or "No, I'm going to regret missing this once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Creating Coordinated Wedding Stationery

Once you've decided on the perfect wedding invitation, consider using printable templates to design matching menus, programs, thank you cards, and other stationery elements. The Printable Wedding's templates make it a snap to create a coordinated look from the comfort of your own home.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team