Fall Wedding Invitations

Ideas for designing the perfect fall-themed invitation to your wedding.

Wedding invitations come in such a wide variety of styles, many couples find themselves a bit intimidated by all the choices. Even the most basic research can give couples conflicting information and a heaping dose of confusion. The Fall Wedding Invitations Guide will give you solid information and lots of suggestions for places to create your perfect invitations.

Customize Fall Wedding Invitation The only information which must be included on an invitation are the couple's names and the date, location and time of the ceremony and reception. Formal wording, response cards, tissue paper enclosures and embossed inks are all optional. Invitations are your chance to give your guests a sneak peak at the style and tone of your upcoming wedding. Formal wording is perfect for a formal wedding, but casual verbiage for a beach ceremony, county wedding or outdoor celebration conveys a more relaxed spirit. Pick the words to announce your wedding which suit you as a couple. Response cards can be helpful for catering plans and the envelopes will gain you greater participation. For a small wedding among family and friends, the telephone can be just as helpful.

For fall weddings, you might think your only options are brown papers with a leaf motif. But you truly have many more choices. Delicate ivy borders, beige heart backgrounds, and pink watermark daisies are all available. Scroll borders will give you special detailing for your Victorian wedding. A cluster of violets centered on sand colored paper will let everyone know this is a country wedding. A trio of fall leaves tucked into the corner will give an autumn touch to any style of invitation. Be creative here -- find the images which represent the spirit of your love story.

Customize Orange Wedding Invitation Try out different wording, inks and papers to pull your invitations together. Orange is a traditional fall wedding color, but you can change the shade to rich sienna or sunny yellow. Use your ink colors to add depth and variety. Navy blue words on chocolate paper is a fall favorite, but pale blue ink on mocha paper hints at the tradition while putting your own spin on things. If you are a total city girl marrying a dyed-in-the-wool cowboy, try a rich, leather-colored paper and hot pink ink. Cream and ivory papers add fall tones to any shade of lettering. Heavy linen papers add formality and elegance, while lighter papers and paler colors can uphold your more casual ceremony. The style of wording and the font you choose can offer other places for creativity. Formal wording with calligraphy lettering clearly signals an elegant evening wedding. Block letters announcing a couple's plans to marry sets a more relaxed tone. If a single word or phrase conveys your meaning, look for word art to center on the front of your invitations.

Thank you cards, place cards, and wedding programs can all be ordered to match your invitation. If you plan on using a brick and mortar printer, consider designing your own invitations before you arrive. This will save you hours of flipping through heavy sample books and staring at pages of hearts. By selecting the type of image you are looking for, you can skip the hearts and browse only the doves. Once you have designed the invitation you love, take your own creation to the printer for them to duplicate.

Your fall wedding invitation should be a unique reflection of your own personalities. Look to tradition for guidance and then focus on ways to express yourselves. Out of all the people in the world, you two found each other. Let that miracle shine through with your invitations.

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Written by: Caroline Retzer