Creative Wedding Invitations

printable Creative Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations set the tone for your event, so it's only natural to want to choose an invitation that's as unique as the bond you and your fiancé share.

Creative invitations come in many forms, but most involve tweaking the artwork, wording, and or design to suit your own needs.

Creative Artwork for Wedding Invitations

Experimenting with memorable artwork on your wedding invitations is the most common way to get creative with your stationery. Ideas include:

  • Photo Invitation: Are your engagement photos absolutely stunning? Show off your favorite image by including it in the design of your wedding invitation. You can use a close-up photo of the two of you together and place the text underneath or feature a full body shot of both of you standing in a gorgeous meadow and add the text in the sky area.
  • Caricature: If your wedding is very informal, have a talented artist draw a playful caricature of the bride and groom to include in the wedding invitations.
  • Word Art: If there's a quote or special phrase that speaks to your relationship, typeset it in a gorgeous font and include it as an artistic element in your wedding invitation.
  • Hand Painted Artwork: Consider hand painting flowers or another motif on your wedding invitations for a special touch. If you can’t draw, color in clip art or rubber stamped images for the hand painted look with less effort.

Creative Wording for Your Wedding Invitation

Traditional wedding invitation wording can seem a bit dry and stuffy for the fun-loving modern couple. Show off your playful side with memorable variations on the standard wording. For example:

  • Fairy Tale Invitation: Write your invitation in the form of an old-fashioned fairy tale featuring you and your Prince Charming. Highlight the date, time, location, and other key details in a colored font so they're easy to pick out.
  • Newspaper Invitation: Make a "Daily Proposal" newspaper style invitation with a headline showcasing your engagement, along with a cute photo of you and your fiancé.
  • Poem: Get in touch with your poetic side by including an original poem in your wedding invitation. You can use a rhyming poem, an acrostic poem, a haiku, or whatever format fits your needs.
  • Travel Brochure: If you're having a destination wedding, make a mini brochure showcasing some of the highlights of the location you've chosen.
  • From a Child's Perspective: If you already have a child from a past relationship, create an invitation told from his or her perspective asking guests to come watch the family grow.

The Printable Wedding's selection of professionally designed wedding invitation templates can accommodate any wording you desire. Simply choose a design, click on the "Personalize Now" button, and enter the text of your choice.

Creative Packaging and Design for DIY Wedding Invitations

Have you ever impulsively purchased an item simply because it had pretty packaging? Artful packaging is well known as a clever marketing strategy. Apply the same enthusiasm-generating effect to your nuptials with one of the following DIY invitation ideas:

  • Creative Shaped Invitations: Who says invitations need to be rectangles or squares? Try playing with memorable shapes like hearts or stars. You could even go so far as to design invitations that look like flip flops for a beach wedding, leaves for an outdoor fall wedding, or ticket-shaped invitations for a cinema themed wedding.
  • Chocolate Bar Invitations: For a small, casual wedding, try printing your details on the wrapper of a delicious gourmet chocolate bar.
  • Calendar Invitations: Include a mini calendar as part of your invitation, with a heart drawn around your wedding date.
  • Plantable Invitations: Be eco-friendly with an invitation printed on plantable seed paper. This unique wedding invitation idea lets your guests enjoy pretty flowers long after your trip down the aisle. Just remember to include an insert that makes it clear that the recipient should plant the invitation instead of simply discarding it when the event has passed.
  • Message in a Bottle: A message in a bottle invitation is a creative yet thematically appropriate choice for any beach wedding.
  • Balloon Invitation: Have your wedding invitation details printed on a balloon that the recipient needs to inflate for an interactive touch.
  • Puzzle Invitation: Another cute interactive invitation idea is to turn your wedding invitation into a puzzle that the recipient needs to assemble.
  • Box Invitation: Print your wedding invitation information on long thin strips of paper, curl them in a heart shape, then carefully place inside a small box for mailing. If desired, add a small silk flower for an elegant finishing touch.

If you're on a tight budget, remember to pay attention to postage costs before choosing an invitation with an unusual packaging or design format. Heavy envelopes, square envelopes, or invitations with larger sizes will have extra fees associated. You can take a sample invitation to your local post office and ask them to tell you what the postage cost will be. Keep in mind that even a difference of less than a dollar can add up when you’re mailing 200 or more invitations!

Creating a Cohesive Look for Your Wedding Stationery

Once you've decided on your wedding invitations, remember to carry similar colors, fonts, and artwork throughout your wedding program, menus, place cards, thank you cards, and other stationery items. This creates a cohesive look for your celebration. Our DIY Wedding Planning Guide offers ideas and inspiration.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team