Buffet Wedding Menu Cards

Have fun creating interesting menu cards for your buffet reception dinner.

If your reception dinner plans include a buffet, you may be wondering if you need menu cards. While not an absolute necessity, buffet cards are one of those little details which contribute to the overall tone of your reception. Look at buffet wedding menu cards as a way to add to your decorations and have some creative fun at the same time.

For a Western wedding, consider theme-based card holders for hat shaped cards. Wooden cut out chaps and boots can identify each dish. Real boots with intricate tooling can hold a complete menu listing at the beginning of your buffet line. Add boot shaped clip art as embellishments or string a lariat across the top of your buffet line and hang your menu cards above each dish.

For an angel-themed wedding look for small cherub statues to act as menu holders. A large figure can hold a main course choice list at the beginning of your buffet table. Vintage figures in a mismatched style can anchor a description of each dish. Add angel artwork to the corners of your individual cards.

For a garden wedding, fill clay planters with floral foam. Attach your menu cards to small branches and "plant" them in your pots. Add some fall leaves or spring buds to each branch for seasonal tone. Striped borders in spring green, summer yellows or fall browns will complete the look.

For a holiday wedding, wrap small boxes in shiny foils and papers. Tie your menu cards to each package with a bow. Vary the size and shape of each box for variety or keep them identical for continuity. Detailing such as snowy pine trees or holiday wreaths keep the focus on your festive theme.

Depending on your holder choices, seriously consider printing your own buffet wedding menu cards. By selecting theme-based papers and adding embellishments, you can create amazing menu cards, regardless of your crafting level. For example, your ocean-themed wedding is perfect for the an island paradise decoration. Sail graceful schooners along your buffet line pasted to small tin buckets or attach them to sea shell bases. Use black and white sea shell art as bullets for listing menu choices on a large single menu at the head of the buffet line or as single details on folded card stock for each option. Choose paper colors to match your wedding colors to carry your ceremony elements over to the reception. Stationery sets will allow you to coordinate all your printed wedding materials with identical images and colors.

View buffet wedding cards as a chance to have some fun and impart information to your dinner guests. You picked your theme because it followed a passion you two share as a couple. Menu cards let you express that passion in a fun way without getting in the way of tradition. Choose simple borders such as the white curls on blue or add a playful smiling dolphin to the bottom or edges of your menu cards. Your reception is a place for fun and celebration. Design a menu card which shows your playful, creative side.

Written by: Caroline Retzer