Groomsmen Wedding Gifts

Finding the Perfect Gift for the Guys

Long ago, Anglo-Saxon tradition deemed the special friends of the groom as the bodyguards of the bride. This group of men was responsible for the bride's safety as well as the secure arrival of her dowry. If the bride's family was opposed to the wedding, in fact, it was this same group of men who would gallantly kidnap her and deliver her to the groom! Today's groomsmen might not have quite so sensational a role, but they are irreplaceable nonetheless. Remember them with a special wedding gift to remind them that they are valued!

Today's groomsmen will probably organize the bachelor party, hold the bride's ring, witness the signing of the marriage certificate, act as ushers at the wedding, and even write and give a special wedding toast. They are valuable members of the wedding chosen because they are esteemed friends. Wedding gifts for groomsmen, therefore, should be fun, while at the same time conveying a clear message of gratitude.

Classic Men's Gifts
Some wedding gift ideas for groomsmen include beer mugs and pitcher sets, pub and tavern sets, specialty steins, shot glasses, change banks, leather valets, personalized poker and game sets, dart sets, wine sets (small leather cases holding a bottle stopper and opener), leather photo boxes, flasks, pen sets, cigar holders, wallets, and cuff-links.

And don't forget cologne! Most men wear it and want it but prefer not to shop for it. Presenting each groomsman with a classy and eye-catching bottle of cologne is a great way to say thank you.

Group Gifts Work Well for Friends
If this is a group of men that live close enough to each other, consider buying the whole group tickets to a great sporting event! Not only will this type of gift provide a great outing for all the guys to enjoy, but it will also provide another chance for bonding and celebrating.

The group gift of sporting tickets can be expanded and individualized to accommodate the different interests and hobbies of the groomsmen. Providing golf certificates to those golf enthusiasts, theater or museum tickets to the arts lovers, fine dining passes, a night out at the comedy club, or even a male spa day could be perfect for the right recipients.

Gifts on a Shoestring
If you have playful groomsmen, why not present them with leather bound, monogrammed executive yo-yos as your groomsmen wedding party gift? The yo-yo is one of the oldest toys in history, and it continues to bring pleasure to those who are lucky enough to own one through adulthood.

A Little Something Extra for the Best Man
Don't forget that you have selected the best man based on the powerful bond you share. Long ago, the best man stood next to the bride on the altar in order to continue with his role of protection. Legend has it that some of these best men took their protective roles so seriously that grooms became jealous. Eventually, the best men were banished from the side of the bride and made to stand next to the groom on the altar. History has preserved this final tradition, which seems fitting, as the best man is a role truly celebrated by the groom. Remember to make the best man's gift a little grander to parallel his role.

Wedding gifts for groomsmen come in all shapes and sizes. Whether these gifts bring humor to the day, or whether they present this great group of gents with classy remembrances, they will serve to express your appreciation and respect.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild