Creative Wedding Proposals

Remarkable, Unique and Memorable Marriage Proposals

Creative Wedding Proposals
You're ready to pop the question, and you want the occasion to become a perfect memory. Before you drop down on one knee and present the ring, put on your thinking cap to plan the perfect creative wedding proposal.

Planning a groom's wedding proposal doesn't have to be scary. It just requires some forethought and the ingredient of love. Take an afternoon off, find a quiet corner, take out paper and pen and start brainstorming creative wedding proposal ideas.

Quickly jot down the location of your most romantic date. Was it a picnic at the beach, a moonlit walk in the mountains or a dinner in the wine country? Do you recall candles, music, laughter, or a special wine? Now think about the time of year. Did you walk through fresh snow, or did spring petals carpet your path? What scent comes most to mind? Can you remember what you both were wearing? Just keep writing quick notes as your recall the details of that special date.

Now think about what words of love bring a special smile to your beloved's face? Is it humor, or really romantic poetry that gathers the most response? Jot down any well-remembered phrase, book or poem.

You probably have lots of notes and squiggles over your pages. All you have to do now is circle those details, which resonate with your feelings and your intimate knowledge of your soon-to-be fianc?e. You're on your way to a very creative proposal!

Let's say that you've circled "mountains, blue skies, poetry, champagne and spring". How about proposing while aloft in a hot air balloon? Read a special love poem, pop the question and a bottle of champagne, and toast your happiness as you soar off to a new life!

Your list reads "snowy night, hot toddy, roaring fire and guitar music". A horse-drawn sleigh ride to a Rocky Mountain Lodge, followed by a proposal next to the fire while a guitarist plays soft music will certainly end with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Do you have a sports enthusiast as a loved one? Why not print your proposal on the backside of a sports jersey? When you stand up to root for the home team, your proposal is sure to score a homerun.

With a little brainstorming and some advance planning, your creative wedding proposal will become a lifelong memory.

Written by: Susan Jordan