Wedding Gift Baskets

Wedding and Wedding Shower Gift Basket Ideas

wedding gift basket
With the vast possibilities for what a wedding day might hold, there remains one constant. Guests will bring wedding gifts, and newly married couples will receive them. Wedding gift baskets have become wonderful vessels for creating tailored and meaningful gift presentations. Whether they're filled with romantic tradition or whimsical fancy, they allow for a personal and creative touch that will make them perfect for the newly married couple.

Realize Your Gift Basket Potential
Wedding gift baskets were once perceived as mere containers for carting goods. Now, however, there are so many wonderful options for the baskets themselves that they are cherished and reused long after the gifts have been removed and enjoyed. The traditional wicker basket is more popular than ever; what home doesn't have a wicker basket (or two or three) holding magazines, dried flowers, or soaps in a bathroom? In addition to the all-important gift contents, therefore, it's fun to realize the creative-potential of choosing the actual basket.

Baskets themselves can be a part of the gift-giving theme which will ultimately produce a more complete gift presentation. For example, wedding gift baskets that contain a wine or champagne motif could be presented in a wedding ice bucket. Filled with a bottle, some glasses, and even a strand of faux-pearls, an ice-bucket gift basket is a total celebration in and of itself! Ice-buckets can be monogrammed with the couple's initials and then filled with their favorite drinks and even snacks. Being creative with the basket itself will make for an impressive gift!

Traditional Wedding Gift Basket ideas
Traditional wedding basket collections might include chocolate roses, white lace and ribbons, gourmet food items and picture frames. Gift baskets can be ordered from specialists or hand-picked according to your tastes. And, of course, the hand-picked gift basket can be a luxurious creation that spares no expense or a more economical-minded presentation achieved with a bit of creativity.

Does the wedding couple share a special hobby? Do they love to golf, go to the movies, or dine out? Baskets that inspire time spent together are wonderful ways to support and encourage love. Perhaps a spa theme would reflect that ultimate romance and relaxation. His and hers robes, lingerie, bubble bath, and massage oils are all festive displays that make wonderful wedding gifts.

Making Your Own Wedding Gift Basket
If you are interested in creating your own gift basket remember that sometimes the best wedding gift basket ideas are obtained by simply walking up and down the aisles in a store! Close-out stores can be wonderful locations for finding treasures, especially for the budget-minded. Sometimes just one find can spark the idea for a total basket motif. Do you see a beautiful hamper? Why not fill it with luxurious bath towels, tie it with a giant bow, and voilá!

Wedding Shower Gift Baskets
Wedding shower gift baskets are also popular to give and receive. Whether they are formal or playful, they allow for a perfect collection of goodies to celebrate the momentous occasion. Some guests like to use the shower gift basket as a 'stress relief' vehicle for the couple now buried in wedding plans. The picnic basket motif is a lovely gesture, as it can be filled with a blanket, elegant dishes or stem-ware, gourmet food items, or even restaurant gift certificates. It's a way for the couple to relax, spend some quality time together and remember that more wonderful times are waiting in the wings!

Gifts baskets are charming ways to envelope and consolidate good wishes and creativity. Each basket carries the potential for uniqueness, personalization, and romance, and will lend its own bit of joy to a day filled with wedding enchantment.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild