Unique Wedding Gifts

Sometimes an Unusual Gift Is the One They'll Love Best

wedding gifts
If you are looking for that truly unique wedding gift, one that will have its own special impact on the wedding couple and long be remembered after the wedding celebration has become a distant memory, the first rule of thumb is to consider the wedding couple. With a little creativity and a basic understanding of the couple and what interests them the most, you should be able to accommodate pleasing and original wedding gift ideas.

One-of-a-kind Artwork and Jewelry
Unique wedding gift ideas might include special artwork or jewelry. Oil paintings, sculptures, or masterpiece replicas might provide an inspirational presentation for art-loving couples. It is important, however, to understand and respect specific tastes if one is purchasing artwork. Jewelry too can be custom-made and designed for his and hers rings, watches or specialty items. With diamonds, pearls, gemstones, or elegant metals, jewelry can be selected and engraved to mark the celebration of the day.

Avoiding Appliances
First of all, one should probably steer clear of that telltale toaster when searching for something original. Although a cherished kitchen appliance for most of us, the toaster has somehow taken the lead in that group of very routine wedding gifts. Think out of the box. Appliances are wonderful and genuinely exciting to some, but others may find them boring. If you are purchasing a wedding gift for a culinary artist then special appliances and cooking utensils may translate to ideal wedding gifts.

Interesting Interests
Gifts that celebrate the couple and their hobbies are always special. Theater tickets, concert tickets, museum passes, horseback riding lessons or fine dining gift certificates will allow the newlyweds to enjoy together what they love the most.

Right In the Backyard
The backyard theme points to the potential for many unique wedding gift ideas. Consider lawn furniture, grills, tables and umbrellas, hammocks for two, swinging furniture, or the ever-popular outdoor fireplace. Exotic lighting, arbors, and even intimate gazebos would all contribute to a spectacular outdoor arena.

Think Internationally
Gifts that celebrate specific cultures and ethnicities will also show that extra enthusiasm and attention to gift giving. Whether you present the couple with a special bowl made in their homeland or a symbol of their religion or beliefs, they will receive the message that their heritage is valued and respected.

Unique Nature-Themed Gifts
For a deeply moving and symbolic gift idea, contact the International Star Registry and have a star named for the new couple! You can date the star name with the actual date of the wedding, and the couple will receive a full color parchment certificate detailing the name of their star, the date, and the coordinates. They will forever have their own star, one that will shine on them and remind them of the grandness of their love.

Or, for another nature-themed gift, locate a zoo and adopt an animal in the couple's name. They will receive information and updates on their special animal while at the same time knowing that they are the inspiration for this meaningful zoo support.

Photo Quilts
Having a wedding quilt created using cherished photographs is another way to celebrate the wedding and the couple themselves. Photographs reproduced onto the quilt fabric will serve as a warm reminder and beautiful conversation piece.

Charity Donations
For the couple who has it all, consider donating to a charity that will hold special meaning for them. Some couples set up their own charity registries well in advance of their weddings, thus encouraging their guests to make contributions instead of purchasing presents.

Most of all, a unique wedding gift is one that genuinely celebrates the individuality of the couple who receives it.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild