Mother of the Bride Wedding Gift

Choosing an Elegant and Appropriate Gift for a Beloved Mother

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Long ago it was the mother of the bride who not only planned most aspects of the wedding but was able to plan them her way. Today, the role of mother of the bride has shifted to that of a supporter. She listens, she shops, she compliments; she is the hostess of hostesses at the wedding. This unconditional love and support, carried through a lifetime to this wonderful day and beyond, is unmatched. Therefore, it is important to find just the right mother of the bride wedding gift.

It's difficult to know just where to begin, or even how to begin, to say thank you for everything your mother has done. Let the mother of the bride wedding gift come from your heart. Whether it's grand or token, if it's heartfelt, it will be received that way.

Think about Jewelry, Particularly Pearls
The tradition of giving jewelry to signify special lifetime events is timeless. If there is a special gemstone that the mother of the bride loves, consider a stunning ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Engraving the jewelry with the date (and even a small personalized message) will make the gift that much more meaningful. Purchasing a matched set of something that the bride and her mother can share will always remind them of each other. Matching watches or rings would serve as a memory and a celebration of the wedding and the bond that is shared by these women.

The pearl is often referred to as the wedding gemstone, and pearl jewelry is another mother of the bride wedding gift idea that is both timeless and symbolic. With so many styles and colors available, one can purchase exquisite and very expensive pearls or even brilliant costume jewelry.

Mother Knows Best
The mother of the bride wedding gift should reflect the individuality of its recipient. What are her hobbies? If she loves fitness, consider a health club membership. Perhaps she enjoys movies. Purchase a book of movie tickets from a local theater and let her know that relaxation time is important! Maybe a day at the spa complete with massage, a facial and pampering is the perfect way to say thank you for all the wedding help.

Personalized Gifts Show You Care
Wedding suppliers offer sentimental poems that one can personalize with names and dates. These poems will let those special moms know that they are cherished. Additionally, wedding suppliers recommend personalized afghans, poems engraved in Lucite sculptures, and pretty handkerchiefs that are embroidered with messages for that special mom.

But a Picture Is Worth...
Photographs, when presented thoughtfully, make some of the most meaningful gifts there are. If you have lots of photographs, consider compiling a scrapbook that shows the journey your mother and you have shared from the earliest days up until the wedding day. Add your own thoughts and messages.

Photographs can also be transformed into charcoal sketches, oil paintings or other mediums of artistic expression. If there is a special photograph of the bride and her mother, either from childhood or taken at the wedding, this would be a unique and wonderful way to commemorate that bond.

There are so many great ways to let the mother of the bride know that she is cherished. Whether you give her photographs, jewelry, gourmet goodies, art, flowers, gift certificates or something wholly original and different, your gift will celebrate the bond of a lifetime, the bond of the mother-daughter relationship.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild