Wedding Anniversary Gift List

A traditional wedding anniversary gift list for the first 25 years of marriage.

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For reference purposes, the following is a anniversary gift list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the first twenty-five years of a marriage. Some traditions suggest a material that could take many gift forms, such as silk, which could be given in clothing, accessories, or art. Other traditions suggest precious metals or gemstones to symbolize the anniversary, with no constraints on how the material should be used.

For example, rubies for a 15th anniversary could be given in the form of rings, earrings, or pendant jewelry. Ultimately, these traditional symbols leave ample room for gifts to be customized and delivered in the most personally meaningful way.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift List : 1st - 25th
  • 1st: paper, clocks, plastic, gold jewelry.
  • 2nd: cotton, china, calico, garnet.
  • 3rd: leather, crystal, glass, pearls.
  • 4th: fruit, flowers, electrical appliances, linen, silk, nylon, blue topaz.
  • 5th: wood, silverware, sapphires.
  • 6th: sugar, wood, iron, candy, amethysts.
  • 7th: copper, wool, brass, desk sets, onyx.
  • 8th: pottery, bronze, appliances, linens, lace, tourmaline jewelry.
  • 9th: willow, pottery, leather, lapis jewelry.
  • 10th: aluminum, tin, diamond jewelry.
  • 11th: fashion or turquoise jewelry, steel.
  • 12th: pearls, jade, colored gems, silk, linen.
  • 13th: textiles, furs, citrine, lace.
  • 14th: ivory, opal, gold jewelry.
  • 15th: crystal, glass, watches, ruby.
  • 16th: silver hollowware, peridot.
  • 17th: furniture, watch.
  • 18th: cat's eye jewelry, porcelain.
  • 19th: bronze, aquamarine.
  • 20th: platinum, emeralds, china.
  • 21st: nickel, brass.
  • 22nd: copper.
  • 23rd: silver plate.
  • 24th: musical instruments.
  • 25th: silver, sterling silver.

Use these anniversary gift list suggestions as a guide to choosing your own unique gift.

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