50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Golden Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Selection

happy golden anniversary
Over half a century ago, two strangers met, fell in love, and devoted their lives to one another. Their golden years will begin with a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. A special 50th wedding anniversary gift from you will reflect your admiration and love, and wishes for their continued happiness.

Found in a couple that celebrates their 50th anniversary is a unique blend of personalities, beliefs and dreams that have somehow survived the test of time. Their marriage is seen as the pinnacle of married life. As they appear to have found the secret to marital bliss, it is clear that they already have the greatest of all gifts, each other.

Despite knowing this, you want to present this couple with a lovely gift in remembrance of their many years together. Couples who have been together for 50 years are unique, but there are some general assumptions that you can make about them to assist you in your gift selection.

After fifty years of marriage a couple has set up a household or several of them, and probably cannot use household items as gifts. Their tastes are well established, so you want to stay focused on how they already live. Professionally they are either retired or nearing retirement, and may be looking at traveling or other hobbies that had previously been put on hold.

To begin your search, recall that gold is the traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift. Gold-themed 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas include:
  • Gold His and Her watches with a special inscription.
  • Gold, engraved wine goblets to toast their golden years.
  • A gift basket filled with 50 'golden' items: pens, paper, candles, and other inexpensive items.
  • A bottle of fine champagne that is covered in gold foil.
  • Matching sets of gold-plated golf clubs.
  • Gold, engraved photo frame for a photo taken at their party.
  • Gold-plated doorknocker, engraved with their anniversary date.
  • Gold license plate frames with anniversary date and their names.
  • Gold key chains, engraved with a loving sentiment.
  • 50 Gold pieces.

For contemporary 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas consider:
  • A $50 donation to the couple's favorite organization or charity.
  • 50 rose bushes, donated in the couple's name to a local park project.
  • A gift certificate for luxury travel tickets, to allow the couple to choose a special trip to celebrate their anniversary in style.
  • A subscription to a genealogy research service, to encourage the couple to record their family history. Their children and grandchildren will really appreciate this one.
  • A DVD compilation including photos, video and music, of the couple's life together over the past 50 years.

For those rare couples who possess the friendship and love to make their marriage last into their golden years, endeavor to make their 50th wedding anniversary gift a memorable one.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk