39th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Lace Anniversary

lace doily
It is sometimes overwhelming to decide upon the perfect anniversary gift for someone special. Each anniversary holds so much meaning in its own way, and although our culture deems certain anniversaries as 'milestones', each one is a jubilant event deserving of celebration. Thirty-nine years of marriage is a tremendous achievement, and a 39th wedding anniversary gift should combine all of the awe and congratulatory respect that such an occasion inspires.

Give the Gift of Lace
The one suggested 39th wedding anniversary gift is lace. When one pictures lace, images of fine, delicate stitching immediately come to mind. Lace is elegant; it is fancy; and, above-all, it is an example of the beauty that comes from the intermingling and looping of thread. It demonstrates the artistry of the human spirit, and it is a timeless and classic illustration of winsomeness throughout time.

Lace was developed earlier than the 16th century, and it continues to be a focus of culture and artistry throughout the world. A 39th year wedding anniversary gift could incorporate the lace theme with lacey filigree jewelry, lingerie, linens, curtains, clothing, anniversary quilts, and even lace stemware with its delicate, lace-patterned trim on crystal. It is so easy to tie into the lace motif - just walk through a local gift store. The abundance of lace and lace patterned giftware is obvious.

For a unique twist on the lace idea, consider a gift of Black Lace fish. This variation of the Angel Fish species will bring the soothing properties of tropical fish to the celebratory couple. Graceful patterns of Black Lace fish swimming in calming waters is a lovely way to send a more holistic present to the lucky couple.

Lace-Themed Travel
If travel is appealing, consider a trip to The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, California. With their extensive collection of lace and lace tools, visitors walk into both a historical and a hands-on environment. Perhaps the anniversary couple would enjoy participating in one of the ongoing lace making classes offered at the museum.

If you're searching for international flavor, maybe a trip to Ireland's Sheelin Lace Museum would be more intriguing. Boasting house vintage items from the 1800's, this award-winning museum could be one stop on the trip of a lifetime!

In fact, there are lace-oriented museums in many countries throughout the world, and since so many people appreciate the gift of vacation and travel, a lace focus could be incorporated into many special locales.

Think about Lacey Flowers
Queen Anne's Lace is known for its tiny white flowers. The delicate, lacey blooms grow in flat topped clusters. Although these wildflowers are considered destructive by some, others will purposely plant Queen Anne's Lace in their gardens to attract insect predators. For those appreciating wildflowers, this could be a lovely 39th year wedding anniversary gift idea.

The romance of poetry can also be incorporated into 39th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Why not honor William Carlos Williams' beautiful poem entitled ¬?Queen Anne's Lace¬? and present the couple with a book of his poetry? Or, make a collection of poems about lace (there are many!) and bind them in a scrapbook along with wedding pictures of the couple.

Whether you choose gifts of jewelry, travel, flowers, or linens, you will be spreading a lovely artistry to each and every 39th anniversary celebration.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild