38th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Choose Gemstones like Beryl and Tourmaline

Wedding anniversaries are wrapped in nostalgia; with the passage of time couples who grow together become stronger and more bonded through their many shared experiences. The 38th wedding anniversary is a significant landmark that rejoices in years spent together and the ultimate partnership that evolves.

Give the Gift of Gems
There are two specific gift suggestions for the 38th wedding anniversary gift - beryl and tourmaline. With the natural beauty and appeal of each of these stunning minerals, gifts will certainly inspire awe and appreciation in their recipients.

It often surprises people to learn that beryl is actually colorless in its pure form. However, thanks to varied impurities, this lovely gem mineral boasts a variety of breathtaking hues. Following is a list of beryl types and their respective colors:
  • Emerald: this highly valued stone known throughout the world for its striking green color is actually a form of beryl.
  • Aquamarine: blue
  • Heliodor: green-yellow
  • Goshenite: colorless
  • Bixbite: also known as red beryl
  • Gold Beryl: golden

The name beryl is derived from the Greek word beryllos, referring to the precious green-blue color of the sea. Sold as beautiful beaded jewelry or faceted stone ensembles, beryl makes a striking gift presentation. With all the available colors, gifts can be honed to suit the tastes of individuals, or perhaps even to reflect original wedding colors used by the anniversary couple.

A 38th wedding anniversary gift consisting of beryl could be chosen from endless jewelry selections or could focus more on a mineral collection theme. Geology lovers would be thrilled to receive several beryl samples, along with a coffee table book explaining its wonders. Collectible minerals are not only trendy, educational, and very attractive, but they are believed to have holistic healing properties, too!

Tourmaline is another impressive choice for a 38th wedding anniversary gift. This precious stone is referred to as the rainbow gemstone, due to its rare and varied colors. With its name derived from the Singhalese words tura mali, meaning "stone of mixed colors", it is prized for its unlimited color range. In fact, Egyptian legend states that as tourmaline left the earth's heart to journey to the sun it actually traveled along a rainbow, absorbing all of the colors.

Tourmaline jewelry is impressive and elegant for a 38th wedding anniversary gift. The stones are often used as centerpieces, because each stone carries its own unique variation of color. His and hers rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings would all make stunning anniversary gifts.

Tourmaline figurines also make lovely and unique gifts. Sold as collectible pieces of artwork, they can be presented to the anniversary couple as a special tribute to their marriage. Also seen as healing stones, gifts of tourmaline are holistic gestures for the spiritual minded.

Cabochons are gemstones that have been shaped and polished, as opposed to faceted through cutting. In addition to the beautiful jeweled gemstones, tourmalines are cut as cabochons and can be used as paperweights, knick-knacks, artistic presentations, good luck charms, and book ends.

If you decide to give beryl or tourmaline as a 38th wedding anniversary gift, you will be enhancing the celebration with sparkle, color, and beauty.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild