37th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Alabaster Anniversary

The 37th wedding anniversary is a time of reflection and gift giving. Will you choose a conventional 37th wedding anniversary gift suggestion, or will you use your own creativity for inspiration? Alabaster is the modern gift recommendation for the couple sharing their 37th wedding anniversary. Sometimes known as satin spar, this historical art-medium comes in two basic varieties: calcite alabaster and gypsum alabaster.

What Is Alabaster?
Calcite alabaster, the alabaster of past days, is quite hard. Also known as Oriental alabaster, this was the material used for small perfume bottles and ointment vases. Originating in the Far East, the very beautiful calcite alabaster has also been used for windows (as it is translucent when used in thin sheets). A 37th year wedding anniversary gift of antique alabaster, such as a diminutive bottle or vase, would make a lovely presentation, while paying tribute to past days.

Gypsum Alabaster, or present-day alabaster, is quite soft. Although this means it can be easily damaged, it also boasts properties that are perfect for carving. We often see gypsum alabaster used for ornamental stones and sculptures, both excellent gift ideas for a 37th wedding anniversary gift. Consider giving alabaster bowls, vases, figurines, or statues. An alabaster vase containing a bouquet of anniversary flowers would be stunning. It is easy to find alabaster at specialty gift shops or while shopping online. There are many styles and product types available.

Other 37th Anniversary Gift Ideas
Remember that there are a multitude of 37th wedding anniversary gift ideas. If you want to stay close to the modern suggestion of alabaster without actually giving alabaster as a gift, why not buy a beautiful coffee table book about Egyptian Museums? As Egyptian museums are often the homes of stunning alabaster, these artistic photos and historical writings might be the perfect way to share in some of the world's finest alabaster.

For those less concerned with sticking to the alabaster theme, why not create a special anniversary webpage? Include wedding photos with modern day photos, special messages from friends and family, and perhaps a special wedding song (like the first dance) for background music. The number 37 can also be incorporated into this idea. Ask family members and friends for their fondest memories of the couple and collect 37 unique stories! Collect 37 good wishes or 37 thank-you messages from children.

Does the couple share a hobby? Gift certificates to a golf course, a fine cuisine dinner, theater tickets, or a day at an aquarium are all festive and fun ideas that will remind the couple that shared quality time is priceless. For the more budget-conscious, a large picnic basket filled with plastic dishes, take-out food gift certificates, and a blanket is another fun motif that will allow the anniversary team to simply be together.

Perhaps a cookie bouquet with 37 'blooms' to satisfy a dessert-loving couple, or a family reunion where cherished family members and friends can all assemble to celebrate 37 years of marriage would make optimal gifts. Whatever they receive, the message will be clear: being together is a priceless gift.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild