36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wow Them with Elegant Bone China

Although 36 years of marriage is a marked celebration of unity, there is no traditional gift associated with its merit. Modern gift suggestions, however, suggest bone china as the 36th year wedding anniversary gift. When one considers the properties and elegance of bone china, it certainly proves to be an exceptional 36th wedding anniversary gift.

What Is Bone China?
Bone China was actually created in the year 1800 when Mr. Josiah Spode II (son of the Spode porcelain factory owner) decided to add bone ash to their standard porcelain formula. This resulted in the strongest, hardest porcelain ever made! Correspondingly, bone china does contain genuine bones, as the bone ash is an important percentage of the total formula.

A gift of bone china, which possesses the timelessness and elegance that its name has come to symbolize, allows for many possibilities as a 36th wedding anniversary gift. One can choose from standard collectibles, special anniversary figurines, artistic statues, dishes, decorative bowls, or tea sets. Does the couple have a special dish set to which you can add? Why not purchase a bone china vase and present it with 36 floral blooms?

Bone china picture frames can also be a wonderful 36th wedding anniversary gift idea, especially if you are able to fill them with meaningful photos. Double frames can contain one wedding photo and one recent photo to emphasize the celebration of time shared by the anniversary couple. Frames can also be specially ordered to reflect a wedding date, the couples' names, a wedding song, or a special quote with personal meaning.

It is important to note that although bone china is known for its durability in the china family, it is still a fragile medium. Cracks and chips will reduce value, but this disappointment can be avoided with a few basic rules for bone china care.

Bone China Care and Cleaning
When cleaning bone china, do not scrub gilded areas. A gentle dusting technique is usually the best way to maintain decorative china. Q-tips work well for cleaning the crevices, as they will not scrape or scratch the valuable surface. Remember that dishwashers are not the best choice for bone china tableware, as many detergents are harsh and may cause wear and tear over time.

Additionally, low traffic areas are the best display locales for one's treasured bone china pieces. Metal plate wires are not recommended for hanging, as plastic hangers are much gentler to the fragile surface. Many museums use a gummy material for holding their displays in place. The gum-like substance will not harm the china and is very effective in preventing slippage.

More 36th Anniversary Gift Ideas
Since bone china is expensive, one can always enjoy the suggested gift idea with other lovely ceramic choices. There is always room for creativity when it comes to the suggested anniversary gift ideas. Even a book explaining the process of making bone china might be a fun gift for the right couple!

For the couple who loves to travel, why not consider a tour of the Lenox Factory -- the only bone china factory in the United States. Located in North Carolina, the Lenox factory will clearly demonstrate the many steps involved in producing this treasure! It can provide both a wonderful romantic getaway and an educational experience.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild