35th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Give the Gifts of Coral and Jade

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The 35th wedding anniversary gift reflects an impressive landmark in a couple's shared life. With the traditional gift suggestion of coral, the modern gift suggestion of jade, the gemstone idea of emerald, and the travel recommendation of USVI or Cayman Islands, there is a plethora of possibility as one contemplates how to perfectly shower the celebratory couple in congratulatory splendor.

Each momentous wedding anniversary celebration is linked to specific traditional and modern gift recommendations. Although it is always fun and often quite meaningful to choose these specially recommended gifts, one can always incorporate their own sense of personalization and creativity. Gifts, above all, need to be appropriate and meaningful to the people receiving them, and when they come from the heart they will take on a life of their own.

Traditional 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
The traditional 35th wedding anniversary gift is coral, the colorfully elegant precious gem. Naturally available in shades of red, white, black, blue, and even lavender, coral has been considered a regal decoration for centuries. The premier coral is oxblood red, and it is harvested in the very deep waters of the Mediterranean.

Interestingly, coral is not made of tiny rocks or plants, but it is actually comprised of tiny animals clumped in massive colonies. As coral reefs are endangered, there is a shift in our awareness and a need to protect all of the underwater life that depends on coral to survive. Most of our coral is still manufactured, however, from stockpiled, unused beads. Gifts of coral jewelry, cuff-links, bowls, vases, and chess sets are all possibilities from which to choose.

For those who love travel and adventure, why not incorporate the coral theme into a trip to the Coral Islands? Known locally as Koh Hae, the Coral Islands will offer snorkeling, para-gliding, water skiing, and clear, shallow waters for a memorable romantic getaway. Other travel recommendations include the Cayman Islands and the USVI. These tropical worlds will place their lucky guests in 'other worlds' of surreal blue waters, hot, soft sands, and welcoming hosts.

Another traditional idea is the presentation of a bouquet of 35 flowers (comprised of roses or a favorite wedding bloom) to provide the perfect statement of love and beauty. The couple sharing their first 35 years together will remember the blooms long after the last petal has dropped.

Think Green
The mineral jade is a great option for the 35th year wedding anniversary gift. In ancient times, it was believed to increase longevity and strength. From an ancient symbol of love and truth, its beauty has evolved into a modern-day expression of love that is appropriate for a 35th wedding anniversary gift. The most expensive form of jade comes in a deep emerald color. It is also available in lighter green, white, black, purple, yellow, and pink.

Jade jewelry is abundant and stylish. Romantic jade rings, cuff-links, beaded necklaces and bracelets produce dramatic presents. However, jadeĀ?s smooth surface is also great for carving, and we often see beautiful ornamental giftware made from jade.

Another dramatic option for a 35th wedding anniversary gift idea is the timeless emerald. With its classic, bold green color and regal properties, it is a powerful symbol of love and celebration.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild