34th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Opalescent Ideas for the Thirty-Fourth Anniversary

opal - 34th wedding anniversary gifts

The 34th anniversary has no traditional gift, since most charts only provide yearly gifts up to the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary. However, the modern gift to help celebrate the occasion is an opal. The opal, which is also October's birthstone, is a non-crystalline gem formed from liquid or gelatinous silica.

Opal Jewelry Gifts

Opals are most often found in jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The value of an opal is determined by several factors. These include:

  1. Body Tone: This term is used to refer to the underlying color of the stone. Black or dark colors are most desirable, with lighter colors being less valuable. In fact, black opals are the rarest of the precious opals and can be more highly valued per carat than the finest diamonds.
  2. Brilliance: The brightness and clarity of the stone are known as brilliance.
  3. Pattern: Color variances within the opal that can appear like a picture within the stone are called the pattern.
  4. Color Bar: The color bar refers to the thickness or depth of color within the stone.
  5. Play of Color: The full spectrum of color shown as white light is diffracted off the opal. The red or fire opal is the rarest of colors and generally more valuable than opals that appear to be blue or green.
  6. Faults: Anything that detracts from the value of the stone, such as a crack or a pitch line, is known as a fault.

Other Opal Anniversary Gift Ideas

Although opals are most often associated with jewelry, they can also be purchased as rough specimens or incorporated into paperweights and other household items such as decorative picture frames.

If your budget permits, you could combine the opal items with a related gift. For example, a man might enjoy opal cuff links and a new dress shirt, an opal tie clip and a new tie, or opal coasters and a bottle of his favorite whiskey. A woman might like an opal embellished vase filled with her favorite flowers or a pretty opal bookmark nestled inside a collectible leather bound copy of one of her favorite books.

When selecting a gift for your spouse, remember that you don't necessarily need to include a real opal to mark the occasion. If cost is a concern, try looking for items with a faux opal finish. You can find this painting technique used to decorate everything from wall art to accent furniture for your home.  The faux opal finish is also popular with specialty papers, so you could get crafty and make origami flowers, a customized scrapbook of your favorite photos, or a decoupaged trinket box filled with keepsakes from your relationship.

Items made from opal glass would be another interesting interpretation of the modern gift for the 34th wedding anniversary. Opal glass, also known as milk glass, is a type of milky white opaque glass used in the 19th century to create costume jewelry as well as household goods such as dinnerware, vases, and lamps.

34th Anniversary Gifts for Friends and Family Members

If you're looking for a suitable gift for a friend or family member celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary, try to choose something they will both enjoy. Since the opal often brings to mind images of space, you could try naming a star in their honor or gifting them with a lovely art print featuring a starry nighttime sky.

If you want to be a little more creative, remember that experience gifts are always a wonderful option. Why not provide them with a telescope to view the stars or tickets to visit a local planetarium?

Last but not least, remember that edible gifts are good choices for any occasion. For a 34th wedding anniversary, package star shaped chocolates in a box tied with a pretty opal colored ribbon.  There are also several different brands of wine with the word opal in their name that would be a thoughtful gift when accompanied by a pair of wine glasses and a handwritten note congratulating the couple on 34 years of happiness together.

Celebrating Many Years of Happiness Together

In ancient times, opals were considered extremely lucky and worn as talismans to ward off disease. This association with good fortune makes them a lovely symbolic choice for celebrating a 34th wedding anniversary, blessing the couple with many more years of happiness together.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team