33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Ideas for Thirty-Third Anniversary Presents

purple present
With each passing year it gets more difficult to come up with original ideas for an anniversary gift. Modern anniversary gift guides suggest amethyst for the traditional 33rd anniversary gift.

What Is Amethyst?
A common form of quartz, amethyst, a purple, translucent stone which sometimes has white or green inclusions, was thought to ward off intoxication by the ancient Greeks. Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February, and is thought to bring good luck and health to those who wear it. It is also thought that the stone radiates love to those who place it in their homes.
Amethyst comes in various shades of purple from lightest lavender to dark, reddish purple. The darkest, richest colors are the most valuable and used in fine jewelry making.
The obvious choice for an anniversary gift of Amethyst would be jewelry. For a man: cuff links or a ring, and for a woman: earrings or a necklace. Prices for amethyst jewelry will vary depending upon the size and quality of the stone used in the piece.
Amethyst Mines
For an unusual present, choose the gift of an anniversary adventure trip to an amethyst mine!

Mines are found around the world, and each mine produces stones with variances in the hue or saturation of color throughout the quartz. Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, Africa, Europe, and the United States all produce varying amounts of amethyst gemstones that are used worldwide in gift and jewelry making. African amethyst is some of the most highly prized due to its limited quantities and high saturation of color.

U.S.-based amethyst mines in Maine, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Rhode Island, and Virginia, produce a diverse offering. Smoky to near-translucent pockets of amethyst are found in Colorado, with darker hues being found in Maine and other East Coast states.

Mines provide a unique look at the processes used to obtain these gemstones. One such mine is located at Thunder Bay near Ontario, Canada, and is open to the public.

Precious Purple Gemstones Ltd of Ontario is a working amethyst mine that provides tours and offers its guests the opportunity to mine their own stones on site. You can also purchase gifts made of amethyst including beads, clocks, carvings, and jewelry, and learn everything there is to know about this stone during your visit there.

Other Amethyst Gift Ideas
If your budget will not allow for a trip or a piece of fine jewelry, don't despair! There are other gifts of Amethyst that will provide you with a unique 33rd anniversary gift option. The following gifts all cost under $50 and are available online or in your local shops.
  • Amethyst candle holder, in which a tea light or votive candle fits inside.
  • Amethyst lamp, in which a light inside a large piece of Amethyst illuminates the stone and makes a soft, purple glow.
  • Amethyst massage stone, which are used during massage to encourage healing.
  • Amethyst power beads to promote healing and increased intelligence and memory.
  • Amethyst sphere - a small globe to promote a healthy atmosphere in your home or office.
  • A wind chime with amethyst as a component of the design.
  • An amethyst cake topper, to add to a special anniversary cake.
  • Amethyst-accented dream catcher.

If you are looking to bring inspiration, peace, health, good luck, and tranquility into your favorite couple's 33rd year of marriage, amethyst is the perfect gift.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk