31st Wedding Anniversary Gift

Give the Gift of Time

Just like the love we gaze upon each day, the ideal 31st anniversary gift will be adored for its subtle beauty and simple elegance. Despite there being no traditional gift for this anniversary, a timepiece is the suggested modern gift selection for the 31st year of marriage.

Buy the Clock
An equally suitable gift for a man or a woman, timepieces include wristwatches, pocket watches, and clocks, but can also include sundials and other less conventional instruments by which we measure time.

When considering a timepiece for a gift, attempt to discover the gift recipients' preferences. Try to answer the following questions about the couple:
  • Do they wear watches?
  • What metals do they prefer?
  • Do they have brand name timepiece preferences?
  • Do they collect certain kinds of timepieces?
  • How are their tastes reflected in their appearance?
  • What is the style of their home and garden?

Once you have answered these questions, you should have an excellent idea of what kind of timepiece you are seeking. These types of gifts are widely available both locally and online. Don't forget to check online auctions and regional antique dealers as well.

If purchasing wristwatches for the couple, you may want to consider having your gift engraved with the couple's anniversary date or a special message. If engraving is not really appropriate to the gift you have chosen, consider making a special card to go with it. By incorporating special photos and thoughtful words into a card for the couple, you will add a unique touch to your gift.

For example, on the front of your do-it-yourself card you can have the word: "TimelessÂ?" with photos of the anniversary couple from 'Then and Now', and clock-themed embellishments from your local craft store. Inside the card it can simply say "Love". Your card and its message will tie in beautifully with your timepiece gift.

Timepiece Trends
Current trends in timepieces are as varied as the people who own them. Whimsical shapes and outrageous colors of wristwatches are available for both men and women; however, those types of watches might be a bit over the top for some couples.

Consider your gift recipients' tastes when selecting your gift. Elegant gold, silver, or platinum wristwatches and pocket watches are wonderful, classic gift choices. The following items may help you in your search:
  • A handcrafted, one of a kind piece that doubles as a work of art.
  • An antique from an era that holds special meaning to the recipient.
  • A contemporary classic gold or platinum wristwatch or pocket watch with 31 gemstones in remembrance of the couple's years together.
  • An Italian charm bracelet watch that can have meaningful charms added to it during the coming years.
  • A pocket watch with a partial Italian charm chain.
  • A pocket sundial; a very unusual time and conversation piece.

If you are interested in purchasing a clock to present to the couple, you have many gift options. With the couple's home décor and tastes as your guide, you can choose to add to an antique collection of Grandfather clocks or surprise them with an original timepiece for their home. Some ideas include:
  • A ship's chronometer
  • A Sundial
  • Water powered clock
  • Build-Your-Own clock
  • Coo-coo clock.
  • 400 Day, Anniversary Clock
  • An Hour Glass

Clocks can be purchased from a multitude of sources, or you can handcraft your own. If you are interested in a do-it-yourself project, check with your local craft store for ideas, supplies, books, and classes to help you create it.

Your 31st anniversary gift of a timepiece will be a loving reminder to the couple who receives it of time well spent, and your wishes for much more time together.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk