30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Pearls, Ivory, and Diamonds for a Perfect Thirtieth

anniversary diamond
Thirty years of marriage denote a wonderful milestone. Couples achieving this marked celebration have defied many challenges and soared above hardships. They have experienced all the benefits only understood through living a united life. They have found a way to stay grounded and together, to see the bigger picture, to honor their partnership, and to journey through their lives together. The 30th wedding anniversary gift, therefore, should be one that reflects and honors this magnificent occasion.

Traditional 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Those considering traditional gifts should look for pearls or ivory. Pearls carry a defined elegance that will enhance a 30th wedding anniversary gift. Whether you choose cultured akoya, freshwater, Tahitian, or natural freshwater pearls, you will be presenting a gift steeped in tradition and fine taste. With choices of the traditional strand of pearls for her, cuff-links for him, or pearl faced watches for both, pearl-based gifts will be reflective of the pearls of wisdom shared by the couple reaching this momentous anniversary.

For the couple who loves to travel, an excursion to the Pearl Islands might be a lovely 30th year wedding anniversary gift. This archipelago, located in Panama, has over 57 beaches boasting colors of pure white, gold, and even black. With lush, abundant vegetation and clear turquoise water, the anniversary pair will feel as if they have entered paradise.

Although ivory is timeless, we have become more protective of our animals. Therefore, one might consider gifts of scrimshaw instead of the more traditional ivory. This unique art form creates articles and jewelry from the nut palm, fossilized ivory, and antlers (which drop off naturally). Scrimshaw pieces reflect a humane creativity along with their artistry.

Contemporary 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Contemporary 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas point to diamonds. The diamond derives its name from the Greek word adamas, which translates to "invincible". This symbol of an invincible unity, therefore, is a powerful message and a perfect gift. Diamonds score a 10 on the Mohs' scale, meaning that they are the hardest natural substance around. Combine that with their brilliance, sparkle, and desirability to achieve a stunning and memorable gift.

Diamonds have always carried an aura of power. Once believed to bring strength in battle to those who wore them, they were thought to possess protective powers against enemies and supernatural forces. Now, they are a symbol of love throughout the world, and whether gifts come in the form of diamond rings, pendants, tennis bracelets, or earrings, they will be cherished.

30th Anniversary Flowers
Sweet Pea is the flower assigned to 30 years of marriage. Sweet Pea means "delicate pleasures" and that is exactly what this sweet smelling, colorful climbing plant will bring to its recipients. With blooms of purples, pinks, creams, and salmons, the sweet pea is a lovely expression of spring, rebirth, and celebration.

With contemporary and traditional suggestions of pearl, ivory, diamonds and sweet pea bouquets, the couple reaching that 30-year milestone should have gifts to enjoy and remind them that they are among the lucky ones. The gifts will be cherished and valued, because they are a reflection of the real gifts they have found in each other.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild