29th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Fantastic Ideas for the Twenty-Ninth Wedding Anniversary Present

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With over a quarter of a century of marriage behind them, the couple that celebrates their 29th wedding anniversary seems to have it all. If you are looking for a 29th anniversary gift that adheres to modern gift guidelines, consider new furniture to be at the top of the list.

Choosing New Furniture
When choosing new furniture for an anniversary gift, be mindful of the following:
  • Your tastes are your own. Do not assume they are the same for the couple which you are buying an anniversary gift.
  • New furniture can be expensive; offer only what your budget will comfortably allow.
  • Furniture can be for indoor or outdoor use.
  • New furniture can be handmade by you!

If you are certain that you understand the anniversary couple's taste in furnishings, you are ahead of the game. Choosing a furniture piece may require little or no thought on your part. However, if you are like most of us, it is tough to feel confident in a home decorating selection for someone else's home.

For those who do not want to attempt to purchase furniture without a clear path to what the couple needs or wants, three simple solutions are available.

First, don't buy furniture. There are many other anniversary gift options that can also act as decorator items for the couple's home, as well as individual gift choices that can be tailor-made to the couple's interests.

Second, ask the couple what furniture they like and where you might be able to purchase it. However, while you will definitely find much needed direction with this approach, it will give away a potential surprise.

Third, consider a gift certificate to a local or online furniture store. This solution offers the most flexibility for the recipients and is the easiest way to avoid gift giving pitfalls.

Since most furniture pieces are considered expensive purchases, it is a good idea to have several friends or family members pool their gift money to purchase an item or gift certificate. A larger gift budget will result in the possibility of a more elaborate anniversary gift.

When thinking about purchasing new furniture for an anniversary gift, don't forget to consider the following:
  • The couple's lifestyle and where they live.
  • The inside and outside of the couple's abode.
  • General themes within the couple's household.
  • The couple's interest in art and collections.
  • Color schemes present in the current furnishings.
  • Any antique pieces that can be used for inspiration.

Be practical and thoughtful when choosing a gift. If they love to entertain outdoors on their patio by the pool, consider purchasing new patio furniture such as a table, chairs, loungers, and hammock. If they live in an apartment that does not have a patio, this type of gift would be impractical, but a sectional sofa specially designed to fit the apartment's living room would be ideal.

If you are a craftsman who enjoys furniture making, your gift recipients will be very lucky! You may want to consider giving the couple a card that explains what you wish for your gift to them to be, and then consult with them regarding your gift.

Whether you are building or purchasing furniture to give an anniversary gift, consider the following areas of their home in which new furnishings might be used:
  • Bedroom
  • Media Room
  • Patio, Terrace or Garden area
  • Formal Living Room
  • Dining Rooms: Formal and Informal
  • Entryway
  • Bathroom
  • Gym
  • Family Room
  • Home Office
  • Kitchen

Thanks to your generosity and careful planning, your 29th anniversary gift of new furniture will be a delightful present to be lovingly shared for the next 29 years.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk