28th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Ideas for Twenty-Eighth Wedding Anniversary Presents

white orchid
If you are seeking the perfect gift item for a 28th anniversary gift, look no further than orchids. Despite there being no traditional gift for celebrating the 28th year of marriage, modern anniversary gift advisors suggest orchids for the gift giver who is seeking guidance.

Orchids are one of nature's most outstanding treasures. A tropical flower, orchids are prized for their delicate beauty, vibrant colors, and unusual patterns. With over 20,000 species of orchids available, there is a seemingly endless array of anniversary gift choices from which to choose.

Kinds of Orchids
To help you narrow down your choices, consider what type of growth pattern you prefer: Monopodial or Sympodial.

Monopodial orchids grow upward from a single stem and tend to have fewer blooms. These are the most common type of orchid and the easiest to obtain through local resources. Botanical names for some of these include:
  • Phalaenopsis
  • Vanda
  • Angraecum
Sympodial orchids are vine-like in their growth patterns and tend to have lots of blooms. There are several online resources from which orchids can be ordered, and they will offer you the best selection of sympodial orchids. Botanical names for some of these include:
  • Cattleya
  • Miltonia
  • Oncidium
  • Dendrobium
When discussing orchids with a florist or botanist, mention which variety you are most interested in acquiring for your gift. Also decide whether or not you want your orchids to have a fragrance. If you both have a mental picture in mind, it will be much easier to locate the ideal plant for your gift.

Caring for Orchids
A healthy orchid has firm, green leaves, and a healthy visible root system, with blooms or pseudo bulbs that are plump and firm. Plants should not be sitting in water, or in strong, direct sunlight.

Orchids require some special care. They are very light sensitive. They need to be kept in soft, natural or artificial light and turned frequently. They enjoy daily, morning misting of their leaves, and a gentle circulation of warm air around each plant. They require monthly fertilization. If properly cared for, orchids will reward their stewards with magnificent color and floral grandeur for years to come.

The cost for an orchid plant varies based upon the orchid type and its availability. When giving an orchid as a gift, consider a gift certificate to an online or local retailer. Given to the couple with some orchid fertilizer, a decorative pot, and a misting can, this 28th anniversary gift will be one that you all can be a part of selecting.

For the couple that you know will enjoy the gift of live plants, an extravagant anniversary gift of 28 orchids; one for each year of marriage, will be an unbeatable choice.

Have the plants secretly delivered and placed inside the couple's home. Hire a floral care expert to greet the couple and educate them on all aspects of orchid care. Provide the couple with any items that are necessary for the plant's care.

Orchid-Themed Ideas
Of course, there are those individuals who are allergic to flowers. If you cannot imagine giving the gift of live orchids as your gift, consider the following:
  • A framed orchid print
  • Orchid-inspired jewelry
  • Decorative pillows with an orchid theme
  • An orchid-inspired, homemade quilt
  • Orchid-stamped stepping stones for the garden

If you thoughtfully consider the couple and their years together, your 28th anniversary gift will be an ideal present to be cherished for years to come.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk