26th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Twenty-Sixth Anniversary Present Ideas

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For each year of marriage, there are many reasons to celebrate. A 26th anniversary gift should reflect those reasons, and provide the anniversary couple with a thoughtful remembrance of their years together.

Gift Guide
For each year of marriage there are guidelines given for gift giving. Traditional anniversary gift guides can be a basis for brainstorming and your search for the perfect anniversary gift. In the case of the 26th anniversary there are two modern suggestions: original pictures and jade.

Jade comes in a wide variety of colors. Natural jade is available in several shades of green, but recently other manmade colors such as yellow, black, orange, red, and lavender have become popular.

Found in New Zealand, Burma, Siberia, China, and Guatemala, jade has been prized for centuries by the Chinese for use in intricate carvings, but is currently very popular for use in jewelry making.

When purchasing any anniversary gift item made out of jade, consider that there are two types of jade available on the market today:
  • Jadeite: more colors available, rare, expensive, resists breakage and chipping, mined mainly in Burma. Bright green Imperial jade is this type.
  • Nephrite: fewer colors are available, mostly mined in China, high availability, slightly softer with a grayish hue.
Jade-incorporating 26th anniversary gift ideas include the following:
  • Beaded jade necklace with matching earrings
  • Jade cufflinks
  • Carved jade paperweight
  • Carved jade dragon bookends
  • A magnifying glass with a carved jade handle
  • Jade incense burner with an assortment of incense
  • For golfers: Jade inlayed, His and Hers putters

Original Pictures
When considering giving original pictures as an anniversary gift, ask yourself some questions about the couple. Use the answers that come to mind as a guide for purchasing or making your gift.

Your questions might include:
  • What kinds of things are important to the individuals who are celebrating their anniversary?
  • Do they have a beloved pet?
  • A hobby that they love?
  • Do they have a favorite vacation spot?
  • Do they enjoy a certain time period in history that is reflected in their home?
  • Do they have children?
  • What colors do they like?
  • Do they prefer color or black and white photographs?

Original means 'one of a kind'. In order to make your pictures unique, decide how you would like to present them as all or part of your 26th anniversary gift to the couple.

If you are an artist, consider painting or drawing an original picture and having it framed for presentation. This would be the ultimate in a personalized gift, particularly if the subject of your picture has special meaning to the couple.

For those of us who are less artistic, it is still possible to come up with an original picture by scanning images into our computers and using various software programs to manipulate and enhance the images.

By using clipart images and borders found on WeddingClipart.com, it is possible to further enhance your 26th anniversary picture project. Once you have the pictures you wish to present as a gift, consider options for using the images.

You can make original picture note cards and stationery, image collages that can be presented in antique frames, a scrapbook filled with images and journaling, or a quilt from iron-on transfers of the images you developed on your computer.

An original picture can also be one that has not yet been taken. Consider making your gift a portrait sitting for the couple. As part of your gift, you will pay for the sitting fees and a portrait package that can be shared with the couple's family and friends.

Choosing the ideal 26th anniversary gift can be a fun process. By using the modern guidelines for anniversary gift giving and your own imagination, your gift will be embraced by the recipients and enjoyed for years to come.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk