23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift

Find the Perfect Twenty-Third Anniversary Present

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A 23rd anniversary gift seems like it should warrant something special, but what? Despite there being no traditional gift for the 23rd year of marriage, modern gift ideas for the 23rd year of marriage focus on silver-plated items or the semi-precious stone, topaz.

Questions to Consider
Gift giving should be thoughtful and fun for all involved. Give a gift that is appropriate to the occasion and the recipient. Consider the following questions as a guide to begin your quest for the perfect 23rd anniversary gift.
  • What is your gift budget?
  • Do you want to use the number "23" in your gift idea?
  • Are you hoping to give a contemporary gift or an antique gift?
  • Do the gift recipients have a favorite sport or hobby?
  • If the recipients own a home, are there some special home improvement projects that would benefit from a specialized tool or gift certificate?
  • Do they have a specific collection that your gift could add to in a unique way?
There are many more questions that may come to mind. Don't disregard them. They can all be wonderful beginnings to discovering a gift that will be remembered long after the anniversary has passed.

Gift Ideas
If questions just lead to more questions and no answers, consider some specific, relatively inexpensive gift ideas for the 23rd wedding anniversary.
  • 23 long-stemmed flowers in a silver-plated vase.
  • A pair of antique silver-plated candle sticks.
  • Silver-plated antique picture frames, with photos from the past 23 years.
  • Topaz earrings or cufflinks. Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in many different colors including the traditional yellow or brown, green, blue, pink, yellow and rainbow.
  • Silver-plated bar sets: martini shaker, flask, etc.
  • Silver-plated keychains, engraved with the wedding and anniversary dates and years.
  • A homemade scrapbook with a silver-plated engraving on the cover and a lovingly completed book inside, complete with photos, clipart and commentary.

Trips and Treasured Moments
A 23rd anniversary is part of an ongoing journey which began with the couple's wedding day. For the ultimate gift, consider presenting the anniversary couple with the gift of a trip or a travel voucher.

Your travel gift will allow the couple to plan their own trip and add a unique adventure to their 23rd year of marriage. Experiencing special moments together away from the daily vistas will surely produce an extraordinary and memorable anniversary gift.

If you know the anniversary couple wouldn't mind, consider secretly planning a trip for them. Present them their tickets inside a silver plated photo album.

While this will more than likely take the coordination of friends and family members, the presentation of this gift is likely to be as breathtaking for the couple as anything that they will experience in their travels!

The Keys to Anniversary Gift Giving
There are a multitude of anniversary gift ideas. However, whether you wish to use the modern gift suggestions or feel inspired to branch out on your own, the keys to finding the perfect anniversary gift remain the same.
  • Know the personalities of the gift recipients.
  • Considering their passions, place in their journey together and lifestyle.
  • Give a gift that celebrates their unique, enduring love and friendship.

23rd anniversary gifts are a rare opportunity to share your joy in a special couple's marital longevity, and your wishes for their continued health and happiness.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk