22nd Anniversary Gift

For a Modern 22nd Wedding Anniversary Present, Incorporate Copper

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The contemporary gift suggestion for the 22nd wedding anniversary is copper. Copper is a lovely symbol for the celebration of the 22nd anniversary. It simply does not deteriorate over time. In fact, it withstands the test of time and actually has the highest recycling rate of any engineering metal in the world! Like the couple sharing a lifetime, this strong and hardy metal holds up against elements and only richens in patina and endurance. What a great metal, therefore, for an anniversary gift!

Copper gifts come in just about every shape and size imaginable. From copper jewelry, with its healing properties, to kitchenware, to large garden sculptures, one can locate copper just about everywhere.

Copper is dramatic and beautiful and its incorporation into any interior will heighten its splendor. Copper cookware is another great gift choice. Copper actually inhibits the growth of bacteria and so, cookware won't just look great, but it will actually be a health-conscious contribution! Or think about the dramatic effect of replacing an old sink with a stunning copper basin! With matching faucets, an older look will be renovated to sport a timeless, yet chic, appearance.

Lovely copper sculptures and artwork also make memorable 22nd wedding anniversary gifts. From subtle pieces to large and dramatic presentations, copper has always made a unique contribution to the world of art. We see more and more copper garden furniture and outdoor accessories as well. A patio, renovated with a copper theme, could inspire many good times for a couple as they share lazy afternoons in the warm sun of their garden.

If you prefer a traveling gift, why not consider a copper-themed destination? The Statue of Liberty's copper skin has withstood the test of time for over 100 years. Through mighty sea winds and all kinds of weather, she has only grown more beautiful. A visit to Ellis Island would be a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary. This trip could also be combined with a visit to Manhattan, a Broadway play or a museum trip, and of course to one of the many Manhattan restaurants with fine cuisine.

Or, for the art appreciators, why not visit a copper museum? Located throughout the United States, copper museums offer a novel way to appreciate both the impressive qualities of this metal along with its rich history and weighty art contributions.

Gem and mineral shows provide entertaining arenas for both learning about and appreciating copper and other rocks, minerals, and metals. To provide 22nd anniversary celebrators with a special outing that they might not otherwise consider is a wonderful tribute to their legacy of adventures and shared experience.

The gemstone, spinel, is the 22nd wedding anniversary favorite. This is a popular gem among dealers and collectors around the world. It is appreciated for its range of impressive colors, its brilliance and its hardness. Most spinels are a deep, red color, and many famous rubies in crowned jewels were really spinels! There is also a specialty spinel mined in Burma that is hot pink with a bit of orange. The rarest spinel is a cobalt blue color. The spinel is a usually faceted in oval, round or cushion shapes. Although it is rare, it is not too expensive, making a wonderful gift choice.

Both copper and spinels are a distinct and meaningful way of wishing all the best to the couple on their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild