21st Anniversary Gift

Add a Personal Touch to Brass or Nickel for a Traditional 21st Anniversary Gift

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It can be difficult to determine the best 21st anniversary gift idea for a couple celebrating their 21st year of marriage. With a lifetime of shared experiences and adventures, a couple married for 21 years has stood the test of time. Gifts of brass and nickel are the suggested tokens of this milestone. But, though the lists of symbolic and recommended gifts can be convenient, they are only suggestions. The best 21st anniversary gifts, of course, are those that come with a personal touch and heartfelt enthusiasm.

Brass is seen in posh decorating arenas everywhere. From wind chimes to fireplace accessories to furniture, the choices and selections are abundant. If you are looking for a more romantic gift, consider a brass corkscrew given in conjunction with a nice bottle of champagne. Perhaps a brass picture frame holding a photograph taken of the bride and groom at their wedding would be the perfect way to personalize the brass theme. Or a brass-plated photo album, filled with pictures of their adventures throughout the years.

Brass jewelry is a chic and attractive gift for men and women. Brass charms, especially, are a popular choice among brass lovers. Produced in both modern and vintage styles, they are a nice and affordable alternative to gold or silver. Or consider matching brass key-chains or rings for the anniversary couple.

Nickel, too, is a gift suggestion for a 21st anniversary gift. Brushed nickel items are especially popular today. From new drawer pulls to lamps to nickel- plated keepsake boxes, there are many choices.

The traditional wedding Quaich, available in both brass and nickel, is a lovely and unique wedding anniversary gift. The wedding Quaich, historically known as a loving cup, is an ornate cup designed for two. Couples used to share a drink from this cup, thus symbolizing their union and promise to each other. The recipients may choose to celebrate with a drink from their cup, or simply place it on the coffee table to become a conversation piece for years to come. Its rare presentation will be appreciated and admired for a long time.

The gemstone recommended as a gift for the 21st anniversary is the elegant iolite. This sparkling violet stone is also referred to as the water sapphire. It's interesting to note that the Vikings used the iolite as a secret navigation tool. By experimenting with thin slices of this gemstone, the Vikings actually discovered that the iolite possessed polarizing properties. They were then able to determine their exact position in the sea and safely navigate!

Surprisingly, these eye-catching gemstones are not rare and are therefore quite affordable. They are a dramatic contribution to the world of jewelry, as they make a breathtaking statement and very special gift.

The 21st wedding anniversary is a special time for celebrating. Whether you choose to present the couple with a gift containing brass, nickel or the ever-dramatic iolite, they are sure to appreciate your sentiment and support as they move forward to the next adventure-filled year of marriage.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild