20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Go Classy with China and Platinum Presents

wedding china
Twenty years of marriage is a major milestone worthy of celebration and remembrances. It marks a lifetime within a lifetime of shared experiences. The 20th wedding anniversary symbolizes a brief halt in a long journey; it is a time of festivity and shared appreciation, of special gifts and reflection. The 20th wedding anniversary gift is a deeply meaningful symbol of appreciation and love.

The China Anniversary
Each wedding anniversary is linked to a unique traditional gift. The 20th wedding anniversary gift is china. China's properties of elegance, timelessness, and delicacy all mirror those same properties found in a lasting marriage. These traits, along with the wise knowledge that all bonds carry with them a need for care and protection, further emphasize the china parallel.

China is a wonderful 20th wedding anniversary gift, as it translates into lovely dishes, vases, or figurines. A 20th anniversary china platter can be personalized with names and dates, painted with images of the 'bride' and 'groom', and even presented as the stage for an elegant anniversary cake.

One can expand on the traditional china theme and plan a grand trip to China. Learn about this historical and beautiful culture as you celebrate 20 years of marriage. If a trip to China isn't a possibility, perhaps an excursion to Chinatown, a wonderful feast at a Chinese restaurant, or a romantic Asian feast at home (enjoyed on new dishes).

The China Doll Rose Anniversary Present
The China Doll rose grows on a dwarf bush and fills gardens with a plethora of pink floral clusters. Its mild fragrance, demure stature, and delicate flowers make it a good choice for any border area. Incorporating the China Doll rose into a 20th wedding anniversary gift idea carries the symbolism of a traditional china-related gift with the loveliness of blooming roses.

Modern Platinum 20th Anniversary Gifts
If one leans more towards modern gift ideas, platinum is an excellent choice. Platinum is the suggested gift metal for 20 years and it, too, carries specific properties that complement the marriage motif. Platinum is a rare and precious metal that, like a strong marriage, will resist corrosion. It will not tarnish, and is associated with wealth. It is malleable, yet strong, and its appealing silvery-white color is a winning element in the jewelry world.

Platinum gifts of fine jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, or watches are all symbolic for the 20th anniversary. Engraving special messages, names, or dates also adds to the personalization and uniqueness of each gift.

If one appreciates the platinum idea but finds that it isn't in the budget, consider giving an music album classified as "platinum". It is no wonder that, after selling more than a million copies, an album receives the honor of the 'platinum' rating. Music is a romantic and artistic gift, and with the dedication of an appropriate song it becomes even more meaningful.

The Emerald Anniversary
Finally, the gemstone suggestion for the 20th wedding anniversary is the beautiful emerald. Traditionally believed to aid in healing and love, the gorgeous green emerald is a rare and expensive gemstone. Any gift of emerald jewelry is sure to be cherished for many years to come.

The 20th wedding anniversary marks a time to rest, reflect and rejoice. As you continue your journey into the future, there will always be joyful reminders of this special occasion reflected through its thoughtful gifts.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild