19th Anniversary Gift

Choose the Healing Powers of Bronze for Your Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary Gift

green gift with blue ribbon
It is hard to believe that 19 years have gone by since the marriage vows were first spoken, the future a blank slate waiting to be filled. With so many shared years and adventures, a 19th wedding anniversary gift should reflect the charm and wonder of this landmark. With no traditional gift association for the 19th wedding anniversary, bronze tops the list of contemporary gift suggestions. Bronze presents a tremendous array of gift possibilities, as it is both a practical and trendy metal and a part of our historical culture.

Bronze is a copper and tin alloy that is believed to possess healing powers. With its positive effects on the bones and blood, wearing bronze close to the body is said to promote inner healing rhythms. Therefore, bronze jewelry is a symbolic and beautiful gift harboring properties of health and mystical beliefs.

The jewelry motif can be expanded to cover a male gift with bronze cufflinks, tie tacks or gent's rings. Bronze bracelets are also swank gifts for a man. Pennies, collected from the year of marriage, can be transformed into matching pendants for the couple and will always carry that special meaning.

Although there are no flowers associated with this anniversary, bronze sculptures are very popular. One can easily find a bouquet of bronze sculpted flowers. This dramatic presentation would incorporate the theme of bronze into the elegance of a bouquet and make a thoughtful presentation.

Garden tools and decorations are often found in bronze, and gifts falling into this category suggest the beauty of foliage and everlasting green. With sundials, fountains and special gardening equipment made of bronze, enthusiastic gardeners can enjoy their hobby enhanced with the aesthetically pleasing metal.

Or perhaps bronze fireplace tools and accessories would be a meaningful gift to a couple that enjoys unwinding in front of a crackling fire. With pokers and bronze lined screens, a fireplace can be newly decorated with lovely brown tones.

With bronze framed mirrors, paperweights, and even curtain rods, gift ideas are abundant. Why not present the couple with a bronze doorknocker or a bronze house number? Whether you choose a platter or an ornate bronze sculpture, you will be incorporating a contemporary gift motif into a very deserving celebration.

Topaz and aquamarine are the two gemstones associated with the 19th wedding anniversary. Egyptians said that topaz was colored with the glow of the mighty sun. They believed that it was a protector from harm and that it possessed healing powers. With its amber-gold to peach-brown tones, topaz is a stunning and eye-catching stone. With more rare stones available in pink and even red, and the modern stones harboring a rich blue color, there are many options available.

The legend of the aquamarine states that this blue stone originated in the treasure chest of the mermaids. Perhaps this is why sailors always considered the aquamarine to be their lucky stones. It is no surprise that the aquamarine was believed to promote a happy marriage! Aquamarine jewelry, with its deep ties to the sea, is a great choice for a 19th wedding anniversary gift.

Whether you choose to give gifts of bronze or spend a day appreciating bronze sculptures at a specialty museum, or whether you choose to incorporate the dramatic gemstones of topaz or aquamarine into your gift giving, choices are abundant and diverse for your 19th wedding anniversary gift choice.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild