18th Anniversary Gift

Choose Traditional Porcelain or Cat's Eye Gems for Your 18th Wedding Anniversary Present

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Porcelain tops the 18th wedding anniversary gift list. Long valued for its aesthetic qualities of strength and beauty, porcelain is a classy and memorable gift option for an 18th wedding anniversary. It can also be expanded to include a variety of ceramic types, which pave the way for a nice assortment of anniversary gift ideas.

Whether you choose to interpret the porcelain suggestion as a full-scale bathroom renovation, complete with his and hers sinks and a matching toilet, or whether you simply want to enjoy the material on a smaller scale, is entirely up to you. Porcelain (china) presents a limitless variety and selection of gift possibilities and so, with a little personalization, an 18th anniversary gift idea should be easy to select.

For an 18th wedding anniversary gift, consider ceramic bowls or vases, platters or pitchers, porcelain figurines or special keepsake boxes. Visit specialty shops that carry porcelain sculptures designed as 18th wedding anniversary gifts. If trinkets or decorations don't sound right, perhaps a more hands on approach would be appreciated. Maybe the spouse or couple would like gift certificates for a ceramics class!

Chrysoberyl, or cat's eye, is the gemstone associated with the 18th wedding anniversary. Cat's eye is exceptionally tough and resistant to breaking, a meaningful and prophetic stone for marking an 18th wedding anniversary. This beautiful stone is characterized by distinct bands that seem to move in the light like the eye of a cat. Color can vary from a honey and golden brown all to the way to an apple green. The value of chrysoberyl is determined by the sharpness and clarity of the eye feature.

Throughout history, the cat's eye stone was believed to bring good fortune. Today, the natives of Sri Lanka consider the cat's eye stone to be charms that guard against the evil spirits. The cat's eye stone is very popular in gents' jewelry and so is a great gift for men as well as women. His and hers ring sets, or individualized jewelry selections, would make thoughtful and symbolic anniversary gifts.

An 18th wedding anniversary gift can be a day of togetherness, an adventure or a vacation. A romantic picnic at the beach or a favorite park can be enhanced with small porcelain cups for drinking. Flowers can be presented in a new porcelain vase. The anniversary guidelines make wonderful suggestions, but there is plenty of room for personal interpretation. Does the couple share a favorite song? A CD with a special song or selection of songs can be presented in a porcelain box.

Also, you can always consider some of the timeless gift ideas that are meaningful at all stages of marriage. A collection of photographs or videos of the couple throughout their years together would be a treasured gift. These photos could include children, pets and special friends as well. A gift certificate to an intimate restaurant or a weekend getaway could provide a busy couple with some much appreciated quality time. Eighteen years of marriage represents a long commitment to those vows made years ago. It is a special anniversary reflective of a life of unity and promise.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild