17th Anniversary Gift

Celebrate In a Big Way with a 17th Anniversary Gift of Furniture

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Lists of traditional and contemporary anniversary gifts associated with specific years of marriage have long guided people in their quest to find ideal gift choices. However, a 17th anniversary gift list tends not to be much help. But this in no way means that it is considered a trivial anniversary. The 17th wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate a past filled with accomplishments and commitment. It is a day to look ahead to all that a future may hold.

Furniture is the singular association for a 17th anniversary gift. Where it would be thrilling to purchase a new dining room set, a new bedroom set or even a plasma television, these large-scale purchases may not be an option. If you feel strongly about adhering to an anniversary gift list, but do not want a large purchase, just scale it down. Furniture doesn't have to mean a new couch or desk. It can be something as small as a plant stand or trinket to enhance existing furniture.

On the other hand, if you are looking for that gift of total impact, and money is no object, the renovation of a room can be a remarkable gift. This is the time when some couples are realizing that they no longer enjoy some of the items they purchased 17 years ago. Many things change over a 17-year period, and many of us realize our tastes in furniture are no exception.

Any gift with a personal association will be more meaningful. Perhaps there is an old chair in the attic that can be stripped and refinished, or renovated to make it more appealing. Any older piece of furniture with significance to the couple, or shared history, can get a facelift.

With no specific flower assigned to the 17th anniversary gift list, the field is wide open. If you want to send or give flowers, personalize your selection. Is there a special flower that this spouse or couple admires? A bouquet of flowers resembling a wedding bouquet makes a stunning anniversary presentation. Or for the less traditional couple, perhaps a collection of wildflowers would be the perfect floral contribution.

Some gifts, like champagne, chocolate, and teddy bears, are timeless. They are only clich? if they are not heartfelt. With a little personalization, these gifts will take on a whole new light and be appreciated for their creativity. Perhaps teddy bears sporting sweaters with the husband and wife's initials would be a nice anniversary contribution. Does this couple share a special hobby? Dress the bears as if they were about to engage in that hobby!

Champagne bottles can be ordered with personalized labels. You can present the couple with their favorite champagne sporting a label with their names and the date of their wedding! What a lovely keepsake to cherish long after the champagne is gone. Chocolate can also be special ordered in personally printed wrappers, or it can be filled with liqueur to add a little festivity. That extra touch will sweeten your gift ideas.

For those seeking adventure, perhaps it is time to revisit a honeymoon spot. Does the original honeymoon hotel still exist? By chatting with the selected hotel in advance, couples may receive complimentary anniversary gifts to enhance a stay. Vacations are memorable ways to celebrate anniversaries, as they reflect celebration through shared experiences and adventures, adding to the already rich fabric of marriage.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild