16th Anniversary Gift

16th Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Joys of Marriage

silver present
Sixteen years ago she walked down the aisle, a younger version of the woman she is today. Perhaps he was nervous as he watched his bride approach, gown trailing behind like a cryptic message from an airplane just out of view. So much has changed over the past 16 years, except of course, for the bond shared by a couple now celebrating their anniversary. 16th anniversary gifts should reflect a spirit of wonder and appreciation for a life shared and celebrated by the married couple.

There are no long-standing, traditional gifts associated with 16 years of marriage. Contemporary 16th wedding anniversary gifts dictate silver hollowware, however, and the silverware theme presents a broad range of gift options. From beautiful cutlery sets to ornate silver picture frames, silver is abundant and diverse.

If the couple enjoys the timelessness of silver accessories, consider a silver teapot set or a special dining service piece. Whether you purchase an heirloom piece or a more modern creation, your gift will reflect the friendship and celebration long associated with silver. For the wife, an antique silver hairbrush or jewelry box would make an exquisite gift.

A wedding photo, or special memory photo of the couple, can be framed in silver for a personal and meaningful present. You can even have a personalized anniversary cartoon created and framed in silver, for a long-lasting and humorous presentation. Silver photo albums, too, can house an array of special memories and mementos that the couple has shared.

Of course, silver jewelry is another romantic option. With contemporary stone suggestions of aquamarine and peridot, one can purchase lovely pendants, bracelets, rings or earrings. Engraving jewelry is another way to personalize and add value to a gift.

With no specific flower associations for 16th anniversaries, one can choose from the multitudes of available bouquets. This is an anniversary for presenting favorite flowers, or simply creating a bouquet filled with exceptional and exotic blooms. If she loves roses, why not purchase 16 roses in her favorite color for a 16th anniversary gift?

Would you consider a vacation symbolically based on the number 16? Perhaps plan a vacation to Tennessee to celebrate 16 years of marriage in the 16th state to join our union! Nashville, recently named America's friendliest city, is a wonderful vacation spot filled with music, activities and fine dining. Boasting 40 different attractions, there is something for everyone. See the Grand Ole Opry, or dance at one of the famous nightclubs. With zesty barbecues as well as more eclectic dining choices, food is delicious and abundant. A Tennessee vacation provides an original and richly diverse vacation idea for a 16th wedding anniversary gift getaway.

Whether you say it with bouquets of flowers or balloons, it's always about the spirit of giving. If extravagant gifts are not an option, a hand-made or simple gift is always meaningful. Writing from the heart, drawing a memory, or knitting a blanket can be the most significant gifts received. Sixteen years of marriage are a milestone, and a heartfelt gift, your symbol of celebration and respect, will clearly reflect that.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild