14th Anniversary Gifts

The Perfect Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary Present

Traditional gift suggestions exist for each anniversary year. While some of these gifts will forever stand the test of time, others become dated and less appropriate. However, it is always possible to expand on the theme, and still reap the benefits of a tradition that carries with it a celebratory spirit and deep appreciation for the foundation of marriage. 14th wedding anniversary gifts are no exception.

Ivory, the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift, is no longer recommended. The impact of the ivory trade on wildlife and the great need to preserve our animals has shifted the focus in a more environmentally sound direction. However, one can still incorporate the ivory theme into creative and meaningful gift giving.

Ivory colored items are a great starting point for gift ideas. Perhaps ivory colored bed linens or tablecloths would enhance the home of the couple celebrating their anniversary. Ivory colored dishes are a timeless gift idea as well.

Elephant-themed gifts pay tribute to the ivory theme, while expressing a deeper appreciation for their species. Long considered to be trinkets of luck, decorative elephant sculptures and ornaments are a nice example of a traditional theme with a modern day twist.

For a really extravagant 14th wedding anniversary gift, consider traveling to Africa and touring with a safari group. Take a balloon safari over a tree-lined river where elephants roam proudly through their native land. Or ride through the jungles in safari jeeps and see lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinoceroses as they romp freely in their native land.

The contemporary theme for the 14th wedding anniversary is gold. Gold does not tarnish, rust, or corrode. Perhaps this property of withstanding the test of time, while maintaining value and integrity, adds to its metaphoric appeal as an anniversary gift. Gold themed gifts present a myriad of options, from jewelry to gold-toned accessories and art. Matching gold rings, to commemorate the occasion, are a unique display of love.

The 14th wedding anniversary flower is the dahlia. With its origins dating back to the 16th century, this classic beauty comes in many vibrant colors. A bouquet of dahlias is a stunning presentation of vibrant hues and lush foliage. Native to South America and Mexico, the dahlia is often portrayed in paintings and artistic photographs.

It's often fun to celebrate anniversaries with a number of gifts that correspond to the anniversary year. For example, if your gift is going to the home of chocoholics, why not present 14 boxes of specialty chocolate? A combination of any 14 items will add a playful and unique flare to your gift. Gifts can be based on hobbies, areas of interest, or professions of the couple celebrating.

Champagne is another traditional gift. Through special order companies, you can create a bottle of champagne with the names and the date of the wedding printed on the label! The personalized bottle can even double as a vase, or simply be enjoyed as a decorative item. That bottle will, no doubt, remain in the home for many years after the champagne is gone, to witness the toasting of another year of marriage.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild