13th Anniversary Gifts

A 13th Wedding Anniversary: The Gifts of Honey and Lace

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The 13th wedding anniversary is a time of celebration and remembrance, as it marks an important milestone in the lives of a married couple. 13th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally lace and textiles. Perhaps the woven material suggests the intertwined experiences of marriage that lend themselves to a new and stronger fabric, or perhaps they are reminiscent of the joined lives and psyches, once separate, that have grown to represent a single and stronger entity.

Textiles top off every expert list for 13th wedding anniversary gifts. It may seem disappointing at first: Honey, I bought you a textile, just doesn't have that romantic ring to it. However, when you stop to think about the options, you may come to appreciate the textile theme after all! For instance, tapestries can be custom made to represent the bride and groom, or a special vacation spot, or a shared memory. Additionally, the textile theme lends itself to hand woven fabrics, knitted or crocheted blankets, etc. There are so many choices, and each one will carry that extra value because it is handmade.

Lace can also be incorporated into many lovely gifts. For a woman, lace can be purchased through lingerie or specialty handbags. Jewelry in intricate lacey patterns is an elegant way to celebrate the lace motif. Couples might also enjoy lace tablecloths or even lace curtains. Lace-inspired art is another creative way to enjoy this theme.

Perhaps a vacation to a lace producing area carries just the dramatic flare you are looking for. Why not plan an anniversary trip to Nottingham? Or perhaps you would prefer Brussels, France, or Venice. These romantic and intriguing getaway spots would be a dramatic and symbolic way to celebrate with lace!

The gemstones associated with 13 years of marriage are citrine, malachite, and moonstone. Jewelry is always a welcome gift, and with these specific choices, many different tastes and styles can be reflected. Citrine, with its yellow-orange hues, is a beautiful and eye-catching stone. Malachite is a dramatic choice with its light and dark green bands. Moonstone seems to carry a mystical element, with its pearly reflection of light and changing colors.

The hollyhock, with its dramatic petals, is the 13th wedding anniversary flower. Its scientific name, Alcea, means to cure, and this healing motif adds even more splendor to an already beautiful flower. Hollyhocks are old garden standards, growing four to eight feet in height and presenting flowers that range from peaceful pastels to stunning black. A bouquet of hollyhocks carries an exotic charm and aroma. Paintings of hollyhocks, or even framed photographs, make lovely gifts. Perhaps a Georgia O'Keefe print would enhance a gift-giving occasion with its unique vision of the hollyhock.

Furs top the contemporary lists for 13th wedding anniversary gifts. If a fur coat isn't high on your list, you can opt for a creative interpretation and celebrate with a new pet, a faux fur pillow, or even his and hers matching slippers. There are many fun ways to interpret the anniversary themes.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild