12th Anniversary Gifts

12th anniversary Gift Ideas Include Pearls, Silk and Peonies

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Every anniversary in a couple's life is a symbolic marker of commitment, adventure and love. With each passing year, the bond strengthens, fortified by all the shared experiences a year can carry. Anniversaries, therefore, are a time to stop and realize the salience of a marriage; they are a time to let your spouse know that he or she is cherished. And, they are a time to present a gift that reflects love, creativity and spirit. A 12th anniversary gift represents an opportunity for an expression of all that is in your heart.

The 12th wedding anniversary flower, the peony, has a long history of inspiration. The peony has always been valued for its medicinal properties and for its beauty. Many paintings reflect the ornate petals, and we read about them often in literature and poetry. A bouquet of peonies is a lovely 12th anniversary gift, as it captures beauty and history, romance and splendor.

Roses, however, are a timeless anniversary gift. A mix of roses and peonies would be a stunning presentation, or simply a dozen roses. This, too, would carry the 12-year symbolism in a very classy and traditional display of love.

Another traditional 12th anniversary gift is linen or silk, both of which can be given as bed linens or sheets. There is nothing more sensual than silk sheets, and this can be enhanced with silk lingerie and bathrobes. His and hers silk robes are a fun gift, both classy and playful. And don't forget those silk flowers.

Shopping for men is easy with a silk inspiration. From handkerchiefs to button down shirts, there are many possibilities. Silk ties or scarves, pajamas, or even a lovely silkscreen print are all options for remembering and celebrating 12 years of marriage. One stroll into the men's department of your favorite store will give you many options.

A more contemporary twelfth year anniversary gift is pearls. There are a wide range of colors, styles, prices and presentations of pearls to choose from. Cultured pearls tend to be the least expensive, but there is price variation depending on the quality, the type of jewelry purchased, and whether you have other precious stones or metals incorporated into the piece.

The four types of cultured pearls are Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian. Freshwater pearls come in all shades, while Akoya pearls are white or pink, South Seas are golden, and Tahitians are black.

Pearl length should be chosen based on the size of the woman and the style she most likes to present. The shorter necklaces tend to look best with lower necklines, where the longer choices often look their best on taller women wearing higher necklines. There is always room, however, for varied lengths and styles.

Specific lengths categorize the timeless pearl necklace as follows:
  • Collar: 12- 13 inches
  • Choker: 14- 16 inches
  • Princess: 17 - 19 inches
  • Matinee: 20 -24 inches
  • Opera: 28 - 34 inches
  • Rope: at least 45 inches

If you are looking to enhance a pearl theme, think about pearl sets such as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. And for him, why not consider a pearl tie tack or cufflinks?

Gifts are a personal and lovely way to acknowledge and value an important day. Whether you opt to go the traditional route, or whether you decide to celebrate with brand new ideas, a 12th wedding anniversary is a time to reflect, appreciate and look to the future.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild