11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Fresh Ideas for the Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

Each wedding anniversary brings with it the spark of another year shared, celebrated and added to the fabric of all the previous years lived together. Although traditionally there are special milestone anniversaries, each and every anniversary is truly important and worthy of celebration. With traditional and modern gift choices assigned to each anniversary, it is both fun and satisfying to find the perfect gift. The 11th wedding anniversary gift is no exception.

The Steel Anniversary
Steel is the traditional gift suggestion for eleven years of marriage. This may initially seem disappointing, but when one considers the properties of steel, it seems beautifully symbolic. Steel is a shiny metal with an attractive finish. Like a good marriage, it is strong and resistant to fracture. Yet it is malleable and easily forged into different shapes and angles. Durable and long lasting, it is a lovely choice for the 11th wedding anniversary gift, as it is resilient to the wear, tear, and challenges of time.

Steel can be enjoyed in the gift theme arena via jewelry, watches, or key chains. Stainless steel watches are manufactured by a variety of reputable and elite jewelry companies, and doubly symbolize the 'timelessness' of 11 years.

If jewelry isn't the right choice, consider traditional steel appliances. From toasters to coffee makers to dishwashers, steel has become a popular and attractive option in the kitchen. Further steel purchases can include electronics and computer accessories.

If you are looking for adventure, why not take an anniversary trip to Sydney to visit their famous Steel Museum? Or perhaps you can travel to the Alabama Iron and Steel Museum for a historic celebration.

The Gift of Pearl Jewelry
Jewelry is the modern 11th year wedding anniversary gift, and pearls are often emphasized. People have been mystified by pearls for thousands of years. Once worn as symbols of wealth and status, they are now appreciated for both their inherent beauty and ties to the sea. Natural pearls, formed by an irritant within the shell, are the rarest and most expensive.

However, there are different types of pearls available with a large range of pricing. Some varieties include cultured pearls (freshwater and saltwater), Japanese cultured pearls (such as Mikimoto and Akoya pearls), Mabe pearls and Keshi pearls. In addition to the traditional white pearls, one can find beautiful pearl formations in cream, gold, rose, and even black!

Celebrate with Morning Glories
The 11th year wedding anniversary gift flower is the morning glory. These colorful funnel-shaped blossoms have historically inspired artists and poets with their graceful splendor. Flower-themed gifts can include a bouquet of morning glories, floral perfume, photographs, and artwork focusing on morning glories, or even stationery products with pictures of the dramatic blooms.

More 11th wedding anniversary gift ideas can include presents focused on the number eleven. One can collect eleven items in a gift basket, eleven photographs with specific relevance (one special photograph from each year of marriage, matted or arranged in a special photo album), eleven gourmet food items, etc. The possibilities are limitless and will certainly come to life when personalized to fit the couple or spouse on the receiving end.

Gifts that celebrate 11 years of marriage will, no doubt, carry the joy of an anniversary whether they reflect the resiliency of steel, the rare beauty of a pearl, the welcoming petals of a morning glory or your own personalized message.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild