10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Anniversary for Tin, Diamonds, and Daffodils

Ten years of marriage! Chances are you've had a few ups and downs during that time, but you're still together, still in love, and still wondering just how to show your affection for this momentous occasion. Finding the perfect gift to mark the first decade of a life built together can be quite a challenge, but with a gift inspired by tin, aluminum, diamonds, or daffodils, you'll be well on your way to honoring your wonderful husband or wife.

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts
The traditional gifts for the 10th anniversary are tin and aluminum -- to metals which don't seem very romantic at all, on the surface. However, both are pliable, resilient, and strong, signifying the same qualities which have made your marriage a lasting success!

There are lots of beautiful ways to incorporate these materials into your gift choices. You might consider a lovely "tin cup" necklace of beads or pearls, floating ethereally on a lightweight thread. If you and your spouse are wine lovers, aluminum wine totes filled with his or her favorite vintage can make for a wonderfully warming gift, especially if your anniversary falls during the winter months. For a more personal gift, think about filling a decorative tin with 10 love notes, 10 love letters (one for every year, detailing your favorite things about the life you've lived together), or your 10 favorite things about your sweetheart.

Other fun aluminum and tin-inspired gift ideas include:
  • Brushed aluminum bowl and plates.
  • A vase full of shining aluminum roses.
  • Mylar balloons (a form of aluminum) filled with helium and attached to theater, concert, or travel tickets.
  • Exquisite Mexican tin and aluminum lanterns, mirrors, bracelets, pendants, and handicrafts.

Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts
The modern suggestion for a gift celebrating a decade of marriage is diamond jewelry. Diamonds are durable, lasting, and beautifully, just like your love for one another. You might think about diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or money clips, perhaps studded with 10 carat jewels. Since jewelry is such a personal choice, think about what your spouse will feel confident and comfortable wearing -- if she's flashy, think about large stones and eye-catching gold settings. If he's shy, an understated stone with silver trappings may be the way to go.

Daffodils for Your Sweetheart
If you're looking for the perfect flower for the 10th anniversary, look no further than daffodils! These summery yellow flowers have long been associated with this marital milestone. Beyond the obvious choice of 10 daffodils arranged nicely in a beautiful vase, you might also think about extending this flowery motif to other kinds of gifts. Some excellent ideas include:
  • Daffodil-themed clocks.
  • Daffodil-print dresses.
  • "Love Coupons" decorated with daffodil imagery and clipart.
  • A memory photo album with a daffodil motif, filled with your favorite moments of your last 10 years together.

Whether you choose traditional tin or aluminum, modern diamonds, or a daffodil for your for your gift-giving inspiration, keep the desire that is stilling burning strong for your partner as your primary consideration. With so many options for great gifts, shopping for the 10th anniversary is an exciting opportunity to show your affection and appreciation for your loved one.

Written by: Terran Stevens