Honeymoon Gift Basket

Gather an imaginative assortment of gifts for a honeymoon gift basket for the newlyweds.

honeymoon gift basket
For months the newlyweds have immersed themselves in planning the perfect wedding. They have sacrificed all of their free time, lots of money, and much of their sanity for the sake of their wedding day. The payoff? The honeymoon: a special beginning to their marriage where they can reconnect, relax, and savor romantic moments together. A honeymoon gift basket is a unique alternative to scanning the wedding registry. Let your imagination run wild! Think fun. Think romantic. Think unforgettable.

Remember that you are doing this gift basket for a couple. Not the bride, not the groom, but the two of them. Everything you put into your gift basket will be for the couple to use and enjoy on their honeymoon. What do you know about these people? How much do you want to spend? Do you know where they are going on their honeymoon? How personal should you get?

You don't have to know the bride's bikini size, but it might be nice to know if she is allergic to chocolate. Consider each person's likes and dislikes very carefully. Each item should leave the couple smiling.

How much you spend on a honeymoon gift basket is entirely up to you. For example, if you make homemade soaps and aromatherapy gifts as a hobby, you could incorporate them into a gift basket. A basket filled with your homemade toiletries, soft towels, monogrammed bathrobes, a bottle of wine, and a scented candle would be a relatively inexpensive, yet highly personal and thoughtful gift. If cost is less of a concern, a more expensive container such as an antique trunk or a piece of high-end luggage can be used in place of the basket and filled with gift certificates, airline tickets, or other luxury items. The possibilities are endless!

If you know where the newlyweds are going for their honeymoon, the planning and execution of the honeymoon gift basket for couple idea is much easier. For example, if the couple is going to Barbados, you could do a beach-themed basket with suntan oils, hats, mp3 players, books, beach towels, and sandals. Or if the couple is off to Europe, your basket could be sent to their hotel ahead of time and might include travel guides, a Europass, a handheld GPS, and gourmet treats.

Planning a honeymoon gift basket is a lot of fun. Knowing the couple, their passions, their personalities, and a little bit about their romantic honeymoon adventure are all you need to know to put together a tremendous surprise for your favorite newlyweds.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk