Bride Gift Ideas

Sentimental and practical ideas for creative bride gifts.

Wedding Present Clipart
Shopping for that perfect bride gift can be stressful, especially when you're confronted with an almost never-ending array of silver picture frames, trinket boxes and jewelry. These are all popular bridal-shower gifts, and you can find just the right one. Or you can consider less obvious choices. Either way, think about the special bride in your life: What favorite things warm her heart? Bring a smile to her face? Make her laugh? Is she sentimental? Practical? Take a look at some of the following gift ideas for a bride, and see if any strike a chord or spark an idea of your own.

For the sentimental bride gift, consider:
  • Filling a photo album with childhood pictures of her and the groom, and arranging them together, thematically or chronologically.
  • Using an online music provider and label-creating software to compile a CD of the bride's all-time favorite love songs.
  • Hiring a wedding-dress preservation service.

A great bride gift for the creative bride is an archive-quality wedding scrapbook with accessories such as acid-free pens for journaling. For more information on creating a wedding scrapbook see Wedding Scrapbook Ideas.

For the bride who enjoys reading, a quick search at an online bookstore brings up a good variety, such as:
  • The Newlywed Cookbook by Robin Vitetta-Miller helps couples navigate the kitchen, from planning romantic candlelit meals to hosting the first sit-down dinner party, and includes original recipes. (For fun, include his-and-her aprons.)
  • Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Maria Nicless, and Gina Romanello
  • Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, the classic communication guide by John Gray
  • What No One Tells the Bride: Surviving the Wedding, Sex After the Honeymoon by Marg Stark

In her pre-wedding bliss, the bride may not yet be thinking about "me time," but when she does, these gifts will help keep her and the marriage blissful:
  • Gift certificate for a massage.
  • Deluxe bath caddy complete with candle holder, book stand, and wine glass.
  • Gift basket with a journal and pen set, a variety of her favorite teas - and some chocolates.

For romantic couple time, consider filling a gift basket with sensual lotions and oils, scented candles, herbal bath granules, and a how-to book or video on massage. Also for couple time, a perfect gift for the bride who enjoys picnics in the park and concerts under the stars is a deluxe picnic basket complete with cheese board, insulation for a bottle of chilled wine, table cloth and matching cloth napkins, along with all the necessary dining ware.

A meaningful gift idea for a bride doesn't have to cost a lot. For example, you can collect from family and friends a list of the bride's and groom's favorite foods along with fitting anecdotes and thoughts. Then create a book with these annotated recipes using a pretty binder with blank pages and protective sleeves.

For the practical-minded bride, purchase an inexpensive address book in a color and theme the bride would like, then record both families' names, addresses, emails, birthdays and anniversaries.

Advice on selecting a bride gift wouldn't be complete without a few gag-gift ideas. If the groom reads late in bed or snores, give her eye masks, ear plugs, or a book light for him. Or give her an office calendar for the groom with important dates highlighted. You know the ones - her birthday, their anniversary?

A bride gift that is sure to please the most romantic or practical bride: a champagne bucket filled with a bottle of bubbly, packaged gourmet foods, a gift certificate for lingerie, candles, and a door sign, "Just married, please do not disturb."

Written by: Cindy Blankenship