Wedding Destinations Guide

Host Your Wedding Someplace Exotic!

Napa Valley Wedding

Destination weddings let you start your wedding in your dream location. Whether you are planning a travel wedding to be nearer friends and family or to hold your nuptials in a tropical paradise, we give you tips on planning and executing the perfect destination wedding day.

Want to make an entire vacation out of your wedding? A destination wedding can be the perfect way to get away from it all and celebrate with all your favorite friends and family members. While it may seem like it will take more planning and preparation, often wedding getaways are simplified because they are far from home. Many locations known for their wedding ceremonies and receptions offer full packages which may include a planner, caterer, florist and photographer, all pre-screened and on-site.

Some of the most popular places for travel weddings are beaches -- the romance of a union overlooking the ocean is alluring for many couples and tropical spots such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Fiji top the list. Las Vegas is a top spot for marriages as are New York City and several locations in Florida. Others want to tie the knot at their favorite theme park, sports spot or mountaintop.

Wherever your wedding takes place, we have the perfect destination wedding templates for your invitations, programs, save the date cards and more!