Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Wedding scrapbook ideas to inspire creative results.

Wedding Scrapbooking Layout
Wedding scrapbook ideas are all about taking special photos and momentos and archiving them in a creative way. You may choose to substitute a professional wedding album with a scrapbook. Or, you could supplement a formal photo album with a scrapbook of keepsakes and snapshots.

If you are friend or family member of the couple who has decided to give a wedding scrapbook as a gift, you may take a less formal approach. Here we will cover ideas that could be incorporated into any kind of wedding scrapbook and give you a general guide for how to make a scrapbook.

To begin with, choose an album that either matches the colors of your wedding, or go with a traditional cover. For a wedding keepsake album, a common and popular cover is white satin. An album with a photo-cover is another option, where you would display a favorite picture of the couple.

Once you've chosen your album, think about embellishing the cover. Surround the border with lace or ribbon, for example. This is also a good time to think about the time frame you want the scrapbook to cover. Decide whether the keepsake is devoted solely to the wedding day, or whether you plan to incorporate the week or night before the wedding, or the engagement or honeymoon.

As with all scrapbooking projects, arm yourself with the basic necessities before getting started on your pages: acid-free and lignin-free adhesive (choose from glue sticks, glue dots, glue pens, etc.), photo mounting tabs, scissors (small are best for cropping photos and small embellishments), cardstock or other mounting paper, paper for journaling, a ruler, page protectors and pens and pencils for use in journaling and for making cropping and cutting marks.

Next, collect the elements from the wedding that you plan to use in the scrapbook. For an averaged-sized album (8- by 11- inch pages), you'll want to have, on average, three photos per page. Of course, some pages will have more photos than others, but this is a good number to use when planning on how many photos to use. When incorporating other large elements, such as wedding programs, count them as a photo.

And speaking of other elements to incorporate, ideally you will have been planning ahead for your wedding scrapbook, and will have saved mementos from the wedding. Things like napkins, invitations, programs, party favors, confetti, deflated balloons, champagne corks, place cards and other small decorations can used as embellishments. If your time frame includes pre- or post-wedding, gather newspaper announcements or brochures or maps for the honeymoon destination.

Besides memento embellishments, you'll most likely want to use other embellishments for your pages. These may include wedding clip-art; fibers such as lace, ribbon, tulle or satin; stickers that match the style of your wedding; and stencils to create titles and for journaling. The possibilities for embellishments are endless; visit a scrapbooking store or look around the house for items to add pizzazz to your pages.

Now that you're ready to assemble your pages, arrange your photos chronologically and decide which embellishments you want to use with which photos. Remember to save space for journaling.

Begin assembling your pages by cropping the photos first, matting them and then gluing them to the page. If you need help with layout, templates can be purchased just for this purchase. Add your embellishments last and then a page protector. Alternate layouts: you might use four smaller photos on one page and two larger ones on the next.

Take your time and enjoy the process. Remember that you can always add to pages or rearrange them. Don't be afraid to experiment with your creativity when using wedding scrapbooking ideas to make your one-of-a-kind album.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team