Nebraska Wedding Reception Sites

The best sites to hold your wedding reception in Nebraska.

If you are trying to select Nebraska wedding reception sites, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are thousands of beautiful sites located throughout the state, and there are also numerous halls, private country clubs and even down home restaurants that are ideal for holding a reception. Before you pick up the phone to book a hall, here are a few questions you should have in mind to help you narrow down the selection.

How Many Guests?

Whether you need a large Nebraska wedding reception site, or one that is ideal for an intimate gathering, it is important to know how many people can safely fit in the venue. There are strict fire marshal laws that must be obeyed in most areas and it's important to have your guest list at hand to ensure that the venue will be spacious enough for the entire list. It is better to err on the side of caution and go with a venue that is a bit larger than you need, just to be safe.

Is Catering Provided?

Many Nebraska wedding reception sites will also offer on-site catering, making it much easier to get everything coordinated. If the hall or venue does not provide this service, you will need to locate a catering company in your area that can service the event. There will be an added expense for this, but in some cases, it cannot be avoided.

Do They Offer Linens?

This is an area that many people neglect when it comes to booking a Nebraska wedding reception site. Having table linens is vital and you'll need to know now whether or not the venue provides these. If they do, there may be a small additional fee for dry cleaning. If not, you will need to secure a linen rental service ahead of time. They will need to know the size of the party in order to be able to provide you with sufficient linens.

How Close is the Venue to Hotels?

Whether you are having a destination wedding, where the majority of the guests will be flying in, or you simply have relatives that are out of state, it is a good idea to find a Nebraska wedding reception site that is conveniently located near hotels. This cuts down on extra transportation costs and makes it easier to get everyone to the venue at the same time. While it is not always possible to get a venue that is within a short distance of the hotel, it is worth the effort to try to locate the one that is closest to your guest accommodations.

Booking a Nebraska wedding reception site will be much easier if you can get these questions answered ahead of time. You'll have all the information you need to make sure that your event goes flawlessly. In addition to the points above, you may also want to check with the venue to see if any extra services are provided for your guests.

Here are some of the best reception sites in the state:

Royal View Hall: A terrific location in the Omaha area for any reception.

Prime Time Music and Entertainment: The one stop source for all your Nebraska wedding reception site needs.

Plamor Ballroom: The picture of elegance and ideal for any wedding reception site in Nebraska.

Written by: Cary Stuart