Tips for Save The Date Cards

Save the Date cards are a fun and friendly way to let people know your happy news.

Congratulations! You're about to be a bride (or maybe a groom). Take a tip from one of today's hottest wedding trends: send out Save the Date cards! These easy to create, personalized cards allow you to notify friends and family of the date of your wedding in plenty of time for them to plan for it. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going on beautiful, personal Save the Date cards.

Using a Save the Date Template

The easiest way to create your cards is to use a template; these can yield gorgeous, professional-quality results. This method includes selecting a card background and style you like, inserting your own text information and often, adding other touches (for instance, a picture of you and your spouse-to-be).

Templates are an ideal method of card creation as you are able to view various possibilities in wording and placement before saving, and printing, the final product.

Ordering From a Printer

Another option is to buy your cards through a printer. Most printers keep a selection of Save the Date cards in stock. Find a printer who can guarantee a delivery date, offers plenty of choices and prices his or her cards reasonably. Check online or call invitation printing companies to get estimates on the number of cards you plan to order, then compare.

View Save the Date cards created by a friend first (or search online for examples) so you can get an idea of wording. Or follow the suggested wording style on the samples your printer should have available.

Variations on Save the Date Cards

Save the Date cards are usually just one page, as the information is brief. However, you are sure to find different styles of these charming reminders. For example, try a Save the Date calendar card. This notification includes a calendar for the recipient to count down to your special day.

Also look into Save the Date postcards. These are easy and affordable to mail and exciting to receive. Save the Date postcards are fairly compact in size, but are large enough to include a decoration, picture of you two and your information.

Creative, Individual and Oh So You!

Your wording will likely depend upon your and your groom's personalities. If you're the traditional type, choose a simple and elegant statement such as "Save the date to celebrate the union of..." For a hip and bold statement, try "Save the Date -- Brenda and Justin are getting married!" Or show your free spirited attitude with "Jon and Alicia are tying the knot!"

How Many Cards Should You Order?

Save the Date cards are generally less expensive to both buy and mail than invitation cards (which include RSVP cards and envelopes that add to the shipping weight). It's easy to budget for these trendy notifications, so purchase the full amount you think you'll need, plus 10-20 extra for keepsakes or second mailings.

If you are using a template, you have the flexibility of printing out exactly as many as you need for now; you can always print more later if you find you've forgotten someone. Take your time and have fun with the process before making a final decision. Then frame your masterpiece for a charming addition to your and your groom's first keepsake album together.

Written by: Melanie Henson