Save The Date Cards for Destination Weddings

Fast and economical ways to create the perfect Save the Date cards for a destination wedding.

The ideal way to keep all your guests informed if you are planning a destination wedding is by using Save the Date cards. These simple cards can be formal or casual and do not need to match any of your other stationery. Feel free to follow any theme you have in place for the wedding, but wedding colors and themes do not have to be used for these preliminary cards.

Information on a Save the Date Card

When planning a destination wedding, whether to an exotic location on the beach or a secluded cabin in the mountains, the guests you wish to invite will need to start making their travel and accommodation plans early. Your save the date cards will need to include both the bride and groom's names, the wedding date and the location. It will be very much appreciated and helpful if you can list any room blocks you have reserved at local hotels, airline carriers and local services which will help your friends and family arrive at your selected destination. If you find your destination requires several airlines or you are suggesting more than one airline, think about creating a wedding website where your guests can get regular updates on your plans. That way, you can include the website on your save the date card and keep the look simple and clean.

Who Receives a Save the Date Card

One of the only steadfast rules which apply to save the date cards is that everyone who receives a card must be invited to the wedding. If you think about this from the guest's perspective, you can understand how making arrangements for time off of work, planning the trip and working out all the other details is a major commitment from a guest. To not send an invitation to someone who has made such an effort to attend your ceremony will lead to nothing but hurt feelings and frustration. Be sure your location is reserved, your guest list is agreed upon and your budget can handle your plans before you mail your save the date cards.

Budget Ideas for Save the Date Cards

The fastest and most budget wise option for couples to arrange their save the date cards is to make them yourself. By printing your cards yourself, you can handle the entire process without the hassle of waiting for a printer, minimum orders or shipping delays. Some couples are choosing to enclose a magnet with their save the date cards to help their wedding guests keep track of their information in a central place. This option can be easily added using the layout you already created. Vista Print allows couples to upload images, pictures and their personal wording onto magnets for a coordinated look.

Think of your save the date cards as a way to allow your guests to get your wedding on their calendar and working on their plans to attend your ceremony. As you will need to mail these cards out at least a year prior to the wedding, it is best to get started as soon as possible. Whether you choose a postcard or greeting card size format, offer guests as much information as possible without creating a cluttered look.

Written by: Caroline Retzer