Save the Date Cards Etiquette

Find all the information you need to design a fun and personal Save the Date card.

Save the Date cards are used to let people know about your upcoming wedding so that all your guests will keep the date free. Primarily used for destination weddings, ceremonies planned during a holiday period or ceremonies held in a busy location where flights and motels will fill quickly, these cards can be helpful to your future wedding guests. Because these cards are not mailed in lieu of wedding invitations, a formal or casual tone is appropriate, regardless of your wedding plans.

Information on a Save the Date Card

The basic information to include on a save the date card is the couple's names, wedding date and the location of wedding. Include a line, such as "Invitation will follow," which lets everyone know the traditional invitation will be mailed at the appropriate time. Include a website if you have one for your wedding. If you have enough room on your card, include travel information, such as accommodations or airline contacts to give your guests a head start in booking their travel arrangements.

When to Mail Save the Date Cards

Customize Black Damask Save The Date Card Save the Date cards should be mailed early in the wedding planning process. If you will be planning a destination wedding to an international location, these cards should go out at least a year in advance of the ceremony date. Your guests will need time to arrange time off work, book travel arrangements and organize their plans. Guests should receive their cards eight to nine months in advance of your wedding date if you are planning a ceremony in a seasonally busy location, such as the beach or a ski resort which books quickly during specific times of the year. For all other types of weddings, these cards are mailed out five to seven months ahead of the wedding schedule.

Save the Date Card Styles

Save the Date cards come in a wide variety of styles and options. Couples can design their card, input their personal information and print the cards at home on a personal computer. This option allows the quick printing of extra cards for additions to the guest list or fast adjustments if your plans change. Greeting card and booklet formats are also available to allow couples to include as much information as possible for guests to use in their planning. Including a magnet is another popular option, as guests can keep the date in a central location and not have to keep track of a card.

Save the Date Card Etiquette

Customize Seashell Save the Date Card Generally, Save the Date cards have few rules and couples are free to send the card of their choice. However, there are a few basic etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. Make sure everyone who receives a Save the Date card will receive an invitation. Your budget and location plans must be firm enough to be sure you can host the wedding as planned. Asking someone to save the date and make plans to attend your ceremony and then not including them on the guest list is guaranteed to lead to hurt feelings and anger. Include any reserved location information on your card if possible. Future wedding guests need to know where in Hawaii to book a hotel so they will be near the ceremony and reception. This is one place where a wedding website can be extremely helpful. By listing a website, guests can see your recommended travel arrangements and accommodations without cluttering a Save the Date card.

Save the Date cards are a great way to get everyone excited about your wedding and planning for their attendance. Get creative with these cards and have some fun. When planning your layout, keep the focus on your guests and give then as much information as would be helpful at this stage of your planning. Formal or casual, these cards are a fun part of your wedding stationery plans and can be a tremendous help to your guests.

Written by: Caroline Retzer